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    I’ll just leave this right here…

    I have a used set of aluminum Mopar Performance valve covers I’d sell if your interested. Text me at 16154796076.
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    Music City Mopar Club in Nashville TN area

    I guess it would have helped if i put " Car Show " in the title. Come on guys and girls let's pull out the Mopars and show 'em, any shape, color, condition.
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    Music City Mopar Club in Nashville TN area

    September 23 - 24, 2006. Located in Franklin, TN, just 15 miles south of Nashville. Over 100 cars, trucks ; swap meet; etc. For more info go to and click on the 2006 car show. Hope to meet some of the members from A-Bodies Only.
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    New Guy from Music City

    Hey Beefey, are you a member of Music City Mopar Club ? If not check us out. Awesome Cuda. :salut:
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    Another New Guy

    From one Devil Dog to another WELCOME and SEMPER FI !!!!!! What unit are you with with ? Great lookin' Cuda ! :salut:
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    Why math is taught in school ...

    You read Cosmopolitian because???????????? :book: :book: :book: :book:
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    Paint convertions

    Any auto paint supply store / dealer will have the info that you're looking for.
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    Computer Tune Up.

    Thank you, As I am just recently using a computer for my home business, I am learning as I go. I'll check in to these site's as my current programs expire. THANKS AGAIN! :notworth:
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    Small block engine mount question

    I used solid mounts on a car i owned right out of high school, granted it was fairly stock, but even i forgot it had solid mounts, I really don't think it was much different compared to stock mounts. (vibrations, etc.) :salut:
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    HELP a fellow Mopar enthusiast out!!!!!!!

    Good luck, just gave ya another vote.
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    Hello New Here

    Welcome to our little club. :salut:
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    New Springs

    If they're on the wrong side the car can/could/will launch crooked or off track, depending on your power and drivetrain combination. :salut:
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    Outrageously Vintage

    Thanks for the info abodybill. I'll give em a call when I get my list together. :salut:
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    who are you hiding from?

    Come on now Demon Seed, Alaska is AK. Anyone else for abreviations for states/provences ? LOL,LOL :salut:
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    Free rotisserie plans on my Dart restoration site

    Welcome, and thanks for your great web site. awesome job you've done. :notworth: :salut:
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    what are your favorite tv shows?

    In no particular order; Las Vegas, 24, Mail Call, History Channel, NHRA, NASCAR, Spike TV(sat/sun morn.), Survivor, Smoky and the Bandit, Blues Brothers, Bullet, Full Metal Jacket, and Curling when I can see it. You northeners and Canadians know what I;m talking about. :salut:
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    who are you hiding from?

    7demon2, Alabama is - AL. Alberta ( A provence of Canada ) is -AB. I think I spelled provence correct. :book: :salut:
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    New demon on the board

    Welcome Dr. Demon, there are lots helpful people here. :salut:
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    who are you hiding from?

    I agree with ya. It is fun to see where somebody's from (if they are truthful) and it does help swapping / selling / buying parts. :thumblef: :salut:
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    damn neighbors

    I hear ya mbaird, my neighbors grumble about another neighbors truck (big block), kinda loud, but not too bad. Wait till I get my car done. HAHAHA! :salut:
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    Looking for info on leaf spring relocation

    OK, here is want you wanted. I measured mine, haven't put them on yet. top length - 13in height - 4in bottom length - 6 1/4in angled part - 7 1/2in outside width - 3 1/2in inside width - 3 1/4in These are MOPAR peices. Hope this helped. pm me if you need more info. :salut:
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    Howdy from the deep south.

    Welcome dartndodge, from Tenneessee. :salut:
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    New member

    Welcome 66dartgt, theres a bunch of great people here. :salut:
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    Welcome, Sully. I thank it's cool you have a RHD American car. Something different. I did a year in Okinawa Japan, and it was weird just driving our LHD trucks on the wrong side of the road, but also driving their cars and vans RHD, on the wrong side of the road. You got used to it real...
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    pictures of my dart

    Looks awesome, love seeing the early 60's style, and the mods you guys put on em'. :salut:
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    68 Dart paint choices

    Ok, I just remembered someone has them in a post, or has a link to the colors. I couldn't zoom in on the pictures so here's what I've got. (sorry for any errors) AA-1 Silver CC-1 Med. blue DD-1 Pale blue EE-1 Dark. blue FF-1 Light green GG-1 Racing green HH-1 Light gold B-1
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    68 Dart paint choices

    I'm not 100% sure but probably all of the colors were available that year for the dart.
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    What type of spark plugs are you running ?

    Thanks everyone, I've been wondering what others used, and thought it might be interesting to see what kinds were :salut: used.
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    My car needs a diet...

    Thanks AdamR, that was the one I remembered, I've been searching for 1 1/2 hours looking for the article. :salut:
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    360 head ?

    Thanks Mrmopartech, Love that site tons of usefull info. THANKS AGAIN I'll guess they are the newer style as the numbers are 4448308. :salut: