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  1. autopar3000

    anyone ever get a headlight ticket?

    That's incredible. I can't think of much that's different between US spec and Canada spec cars. A km/h speedometer and DRLs are the only things that come to mind. Dan, what are your thoughts on DRLs? Do they add any safety overall?
  2. autopar3000

    Torker 340 Intake Value

    I ran the old Torker 340 for years. It's not as horrible as some people say, but it's the exact intake people were warning you about when you said you were going with a single plane... "You'll be trading low RPM power for high RPM power!!" A good modern single plane intake is much less of a...
  3. autopar3000

    What Is The Best Car You've Ever Rode In On The Street?

    Ohhh, I'm gonna get flamed for this. "Best" meaning the fastest car I have ever experienced / driven is a Tesla Model 3 Performance. Utterly unlike any other car I have ever driven. To be clear, I'm not an EV fanboy. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have an EV, but I prefer analog cars...
  4. autopar3000

    1300 hp mercury comet brake failure crash

    Right, and water doesn't freeze in a way that would make a core plug work as a freeze plug. The water will get below 0° C and remains a liquid until the block can't contain the pressure of the expansion anymore, then it flash freezes and expands instantaneously, which causes the block to crack...
  5. autopar3000

    A body value

    Same with AMC cars. The Javelin, AMX, etc. Younger guys don't see AMC as the red headed stepchild of the American auto industry the same way most older people would. When it comes to muscle era Mopars, the A body stigma has always been a big joke to me. A, B, and E are all the same...
  6. autopar3000


    Hey @4spdragtop, all cleared up now.
  7. autopar3000

    My Friends Drive ........

    Ha ha, I do the opposite. My daily driver is a Pontiac Vibe, I claim it's a Toyota. For those that don't know, the Vibe was the same car as the Toyota Matrix. The Vibe was built in a GM factory by GM workers with parts built and engineered by Toyota. I'm a Dodge guy but I'm not brand loyal...
  8. autopar3000

    Let's talk about trucks

    Looking for something about 10 years old you say? My brother has had a 2007 Silverado since almost new. OK, so that's 15 years old, but I would think that any Chevy or GMC in that generation would be pretty much the same (2007 - 2013). That thing has been crazy reliable for him, with about...
  9. autopar3000

    Explain your username here --->

    Back in the day (mid 90s) I had a slant six Dart and another guy in our group also named Mike had a 440 Duster (11 second car with full cage, mini tub, 3.91, etc). People started calling us both Mike Mopar, but that causes obvious problems. One day a bunch of us were hanging out and someone...
  10. autopar3000

    This woman just can't get a break...

    Terrible news indeed, my heart goes out to Jen and her family and I sincerely hope they are well. I'm not sure of the messaging you're getting where you are, but from the 3 different levels of government where I live the message is clear: NOBODY should be visiting ANYBODY unless it's an...
  11. autopar3000

    Nick's garage

    I love Nick's Italian-who-emigrated-to-Quebec French Canadian accent. Every time he says he's gonna "make a test" it reminds me of the guys I used to hang out with in St Leonard.
  12. autopar3000

    1967 A-body based Ghia 450/SS

    More of the story: The mystery of the Ghia 450/SS, a Barracuda-based Italian beauty
  13. autopar3000

    Concentrix Logo "I work for a multibillion dollar company that doesn’t really care for its employees

    This manager sounds like a real douche. Good companies require good leadership, something it seems this person is lacking.
  14. autopar3000

    Concentrix Logo "I work for a multibillion dollar company that doesn’t really care for its employees

    This is all so true. I work for a multi-billion dollar organization in an IT role, but I'm fortunate enough to work for one of the better companies. ^^Absolutely! Front line support is an entry level position, and it is not usually a fun job so the good ones don't stay there very long...
  15. autopar3000

    Poly 6 pack set up on Kijiji

    This is not mine. But it's cool and I'm sure someone here would love it. American buyers keep in mind $800 CAD is about $620 USD. Holley Poly Six Pack | Engine & Engine Parts | Oshawa / Durham Region | Kijiji
  16. autopar3000

    A Message from Canada

    Yup, bang on: Chryco and autopar: Canadian Mopars
  17. autopar3000

    A Message from Canada

    YES GUY!!!
  18. autopar3000

    Rock albums ,that you love, most people don't know....

    That would have been cool. How was the show? Do you remember?
  19. autopar3000

    Rock albums ,that you love, most people don't know....

    Rusty was a garage band out of Toronto in the mid-90s. Their album Fluke was great. Misogyny. Give it a 45 second test drive, but you'll probably know within the first 15 seconds if you're going to like it: California. Invest 60 seconds to see if you like it. I think it's awesome: Groovy...
  20. autopar3000

    NHL puck drop, Game on!

    That's some funny ****, right there!
  21. autopar3000

    Unappreciated rock bands...

    Both Layne and Scott had some serious pipes. I saw Velvet Revolver play in Toronto and it was excellent, like a 9 out of 10. The band was much better than when I saw them as G 'n R in 1991!! Even Slash wasn't very good back in '91; the ONLY bright spot was Izzy.
  22. autopar3000

    Unappreciated rock bands...

    I'm a huge fan of slide guitar so I had to take a look at this one. That guy is undoubtedly incredible. It's amazing to me the way he has the slide on his ring finger and he still uses his pinky to fret notes. The video I posted of Jack White is a slide guitar medley. When Jack goes over to...
  23. autopar3000

    Unappreciated rock bands...

    I think the White Stripes ended up with too much notoriety to be "unappreciated," and I was a huge fan in the early 2000's, but once I saw this I was hooked. You'll want to watch it until the end. The White Stripes "Let's Build A Home" (Live on Late Night with Conan O'Brien) - Avant
  24. autopar3000

    Dec 14, 1972 Last Man on the Moon

    That TV is awesome, from back when the TV was a piece of furniture. I grew up with a TV just like that, only ours was a Sylvania.
  25. autopar3000

    Dec 14, 1972 Last Man on the Moon

    Ha ha, human nature, I guess. We rarely recognize the evil within ourselves. I envision 65LoveAffair looking just like me, only he has a goatee and wears all black clothes. He also talks with an odd European accent, maybe German or Austrian, and he has a maniacal laugh.
  26. autopar3000

    Dec 14, 1972 Last Man on the Moon

    Wow, 65LoveAffair, we share the same birthday. Day and year. Maybe you're my long lost evil twin?
  27. autopar3000

    Wife had a wreck last night

    Wow, I'm sure glad your wife is OK. Sounds like she saw the other car coming and minimized the damage. Good on her! But that uninsured driver thing is nuts. Around these parts auto insurance is mandatory, and you earn yourself a $5000 fine for driving without insurance: No Insurance carries no...
  28. autopar3000

    What kind of car is this?

    ox·y·mo·ron/ˌäksəˈmôrˌän/ noun a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g., faith unfaithful kept him falsely true, e.g., high class Italian supercar).
  29. autopar3000

    Do you trust your car at the shops you take it to??

    YIKES! That's not good. Maybe you'll have to wait at the shop while they do the work. Don't give them an opportunity to de-rubberize your tires!