Brazilian Dodge Dart 76 (similar to 69 usa)

next friday I will check paint job again.

can't wait until there.
Next week I will no work on my cars. I will travel to Argentina.
Today I put some "fire in the hole" of the dodge magnum (a-body).
First startup after I removed the GNV.
Gas pump is leaking. I have to buy a new one
I'm traveling this week. I'm in Buenos Aires, attending a complex networks workshop. Tomorrow I'll go back home. Something is telling me (in my mind) that may car is already in white color!

Hey- you think if I picked up a clean Duster...that someone down there would trade me for one of those Dart based Charger R/T's?
Hey- you think if I picked up a clean Duster...that someone down there would trade me for one of those Dart based Charger R/T's?

Hi YY1...

Our "dodge rt" (dart based) are too expensive nowadays.

just an simple example:

this car costs about 50,000$ US dollars (1 dolar = 2,10 brazilian reais).

Even the parts are expensive.

For example,

this is the tail quarter panel insert. They cost about 300$ (pair). If we compare to US ebay.. on ebay I can find a complete rear panel for about the same price!
one more week.. we're reaching the target

last week, painter did a sanding control. That's the reason the car is silver color now. We have to repeat this sanding process 1 or 2 more times.

this week, I was sick with a very strong flu.

I made a phone call to the painter yesterday. Nothing new :(

At least the new windshield weatherstrip gasket arrived.

Unfortunately, seller forgot to send the clips. It will take a few more weeks to arrive to me (I'm buying on ebay).

Now I have to buy headliner. I'm waiting to see if appear a headliner cheaper on ebay. Moreover, most of ebay dealers are not declaring items as gift and price under 50$ ... as consequence, I'm paying painful taxes on brazil and the item last 3 or 4 weeks on custom office until all bureaucracy is done.
don't know if I posted this pictures earlier.
I bought some leds lamp from china (using aliexpress)

these leds rocks


INCREDIBLE! kEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK! Your work makes me feel like I'm lazy! Only made it half way through this thread so far but I;m BLOWN AWAY!
about 2 months ago... wash primer (at least we call it wash primer here in Brazil).

WOW! Nice thread! Excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Bom Trabalho!!!!!
Does anyone have a brand new black (with dots) headliner to sell?

Dealers on ebay offer free shiping to US but a really expensive shipping to Brazil. Don't know why as headliner can be folded ans shipped in a standard envelope.