Lets see some mopar steelies

No S.M.O.D., but cop tires and wheels....

Mine, I painted the spare body color, original plan was to paint all of them body color, but it was just too much orange.

OK What rim size & BS do you have on the rear of that Duster?? I am in the process of going to 15in rims..... need to sort size and of course a place to buy. Love the deep dish look of your dusters rear tire!
Im guessing theres a mini tub going on there. Sure looks good but id be amazed if that tire/wheel combo fit with just an inboard spring kit! The axle is narrowed fosho, no doubt about that one.
Front wheels and tires off the front of my truck, on the Duster just to get some rough measurements for 17" steelies.

I'm cheap and like the looks,so all my junk rolls on steel wheels.



A nice wrinkle pattern in the sidewall after a saturday morning ride!


Here are mine, all SBP. 14x7 on the rear with a 245/60, and 14x5.5 front with 205/70. The rims came used from another Mopar guy, he painted them yellow which looked real odd against my light tan. I painted them body color, but to me it's a little too washed out with the plain-jane color. I will likely repaint them black this summer.

Ive always loved those versions of dog dishes.. Ive flirted with the idea of doing them instead of what i have..