NHL puck drop, Game on!

Just got a text from some friends that are on a 3 game tour.... St Louis , Chicago and I think Minnesota..
Should be a great trip !
Would love to do a trip like that!
Leafs up 2-squat. 40 minutes to go.
Flipping channels between them and the Petes who are uo 2 games to zip against the Ice Dogs in 1st round of playoffs.
Go Petes!
yadyyadyyaaa..... I'm still at work.... no time to watch tonight... gotta date with a 1/4 panel when I get home.....
Another big night tonight .Here's an interesting thought .I would be the final wild card and cross over to play the Caps than finish 3rd and play the Turds or Scabs
We match up and play better against the Caps , Pens and Columbus , plus advancing that way could very well lead to a Scabs vs Leafs Conference final which would of course lead to me blowing most of my Euro vacation plan money on a playoff roadie but it would be worth it eh!
Leafs vs habs or Ottawa playoff round will be great either way. Leafs are on a good roll and the team has learned how to play with the lead.
Leafs will make it thru 1st round. Anderson has been awesome and Mcilhemmy has played well in b/u role.
If an Ottawa series I hope to get tix. Easier and cheaper to get them there than TO or Montreal
I'm not dropping the coin or making the trip for anything less than the Conference Final , then it's screw the savings I'm there .
Good grit win. Timely goals at the end
Turds lost so Leafs tied with them for 2nd. Tight race!
Go Leafs!
not really worried about the Turds , more worried about the lightning and the bruins , the Scabs gave Tampa a pity point last night and are losing to the Bruins today , dirty effers !
My mistake it's the Blackhawks that are losing to Boston , the dirty effers part is still correct tho !
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Go Leafs Go it's time to punch the ticket , tho it might be fun to watch the Lightning win in overtime if the isles win tonight because you know there will be that moment when they are celebrating and patting other on the back then the realization sets in -they won't be playing in the post season anyway , sorry thats a bit dickish I know !Win Leafs Win .
Im worried about Hawks defense going in playoffs. They got Cambell,(garbage in my eyes) and oduya back.
Seabrook is done,old,fat,slow,blocks his own goaltender half the time, but only asset is power play. Keith and Jahlmmerson is all they got experienced anyway. Crawford ok but I think Darling is the better overall goalie IMO. Its up to coach to remove/relieve goaltenders at timely
reasons. See what happens............
well they aren't dead yet but they basically need to win their next three in regulation and we need to lose our next three in regulation so it's a biggie for both tonight !
Go Leafs. Bounceback crucial game after the shitty one against the Caps. Ovechkin was on a mission that night.
Hope Boyle is back AND a force.
Damned close race!
The Yotes make me yawn lol.
Cant wait for playoffs to start. Pull the tv outside and watch from the lawnchair!
Thats funny. I actually turned and watched youtube for 1/2 of 2nd period.

Looks like they will face the Blues 1st round.... who are the leafs playing .?
Still undecided either Capitals...holy ****!
Or Ottawa. Im hoping ottawa we live right between Ottawa and Toronto. Might be able to see a game.
Thats funny. I actually turned and watched youtube for 1/2 of 2nd period.

Looks like they will face the Blues 1st round.... who are the leafs playing .?