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Sep 29, 2009
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Ontario Canada
My car currently runs 11.20 with a 1.50 60 ft at 117mph.
Trying to get into 10,s. My engine uses w-2 heads with a .650 roller cam.
Please post your entire engine and car chassis combo.
I am trying to see what area of the car I need to improve.Stroker combos
are welcome as well as stock stroke too.
Please help me attain my goal.


my car is 3550 lbs runs a 9 inch 3.89 gears and 26/10 /15 mt home made caltracs split mono leaf rancho 9000 shocks , 904 auto and 4800 stall full manual 408 cub ,indy heads ft cam solid 950 carbie 11.1 comp and some nos it ran pb 6.3@108 l good for nines and when it ran 10.3 it was 6.59 @105 the 1/8 the last pb are with mufflers on run 10.90 no gas with mufflers
my 1974 dart swinger has a .30 over 440. ross pistons, bullet roller .694 lift cam, hooker fender well hedders, 850 dbl pumper, m1 intake, iron heads, all glass and all steel car, 8.75 w/ 4.30 gears. slide a link bars, stock leafs, stock suspension and manual steering, foot braking car at 1900 rpm launch and turning 10.48 @ 128 mph. shifting at 6500 rpm and crossing the line at 7000rpm.
coming this spring is the 1050 dominator and thinking about a trans brake to get some 4500 rpm launches going. would like to see some high 9's maybe
71 Dart 360 (.060) ported eddies heads, wiseco flat tops 11 to 1 compression.
Hughes flat tappet 260/264 @ .050 with 1.6 rockers...
Eddy Victor intake with 750 holley DP
Hooker 1 3/4 headers
Turbo Action 4400 series converter flashes 5200 rpm.
904 trans with transbrake
8 3/4 with 4.56
M/T 9 x 29.5 slicks
ladder bars and coil overs....
Dart has fiberglass hood, valance, front and rear bumpers, and fiberglass trunk has not been weighted

11.03 at 121.5 In Las Vegas will run 10.80 at sea level.
70 dart about 3400 w/ driver
493 ci

hand ported rpm eddy heads 84cc

10.8:1 cr on 93 pump gas , flat top Ross pistons

flat tappet cam around 590 lift / 259/266 dur. , Isky springs

M1 intake

1050 dom

4000 TCT converter , no transbrake (yet)

410 gear , Dana
Hoosier 29.5 x 10.5 slicks

Mopar performance vac advance distributor ( re-curved) , Chrome Box ECU , Summit wires

The leakdown test was not good on this - putting new rings in it next month
Here's mine. So far a best of 10.81 at 123. Back to back passes I switched from a Carb shop 750 to a 1050 box stock dominator jetted on a 65 degree day to 88 square and picked up 2 tenths with no other changes other than obviously adding the 4150/4500 flange adaptor.

Dart Swinger 3440 with me. 360 .030 over with w2 heads mildly ported with 2.02 intake valve. 602 Crane roller, Harland Sharp 1.5 rockers. 12.5 compression, 1050 Dominator with w2 victor jr intake, 1 7/8 to 2 inch headers to 3 1/2 collector to full exhaust with x-pipe. 904 RMVB nothing fancy. Converter is a 4600. Rear is 4.56 with 28x9 MT ET Drags, super stock 002/003 springs with snubber. I leave just off idle at 2000 rpm, shift at 6500, and cross the stripe at just under 7000. Here is one of my video productions with the run, and other from Englishtown.

Dart at Etown.JPG
pump gas 498 .590 lift non roller solid cam. indy 440ez-1 heads with alot of work. 11.2:1 street motor. th400 and 9" rear with 4.11 gear on bfg 315/65 drag radials. relocated caltracs. Car goes 10.30s at low 130's leaving real soft off idle 1.60 short times. when I get a converter built and start launching it on the t-brake it should go 1.3-1.4 60 foots and maybe dip into the 9's. I have a post going with all the car info in the general section. 3000lbs with me in the car and the motor made 687 on 93vpower shell gas.
My 3100 pound Duster ran 10.50's with a 340, 12.2:1 compression, .672 lift flat tappet cam, W5 heads flowing 300 cfm's at .600 lift and 305 at .650. Still using the 2.02 intake valve. The 4600 T/A converter, 29.5/11.5 tires, 904 with a low gear set and 5.13's. The carb is a self modified 850 Speed Demon flowing 930 cfm's with a 2" open spacer on an M1 manifold. 1 7/8 headers, no mufflers or juice.

I'll tell you straight up that I tried a lot of converters, rear gears, cams and even intakes and carbs to get it where it was. I run the same basic combo in the Scamp except it's a MP 360 short block, not much better than stock, but with the same heads, cam, intake and driveline. It weighs 2600 pounds, uses 4.88 gears and 14/32's with a four link. So far in crappy air it's gone 6.60 in the 1/8th at 103 and 10.45 in the 1/4 at 127. It's nearly 10 years old now and pretty tired so instead of freshening it I'm just going to build a stroker short block and have the heads touched up and 2.08 intakes installed. The only other changes are the 2" primary tube headers and 4" collectors. Should put it in the 9's, 10's on motor, ported 440-1, .700" roller cam, indy intake, 1150 dom, tti 2" headers, aluminum rods, 14.1-1 compression, 9 1/2" vertor, 727, dana 60 with 4.56, 29"x10.5", 3700lbs.

older Pictures 327.jpg
Nice combo. I have a 68 Dart 451 flat tops, .650 Comp flatr tappet cam,1050 Dom, really old alum intake, stock 727 trans w/reverse valve body,4.88 Dana rear,"J" converter , 14 X 32's and foot braking. Short times are crappy but decent mph. I have only ran it in the 1/8th. The Bracket Finals last year were 1/8th mile only at Indy except for Sportsman and High School. My 60 ' are around 1.4654,1.4689 and slower. My best ET has been a 6.7709 and my best mph has been 101.35 that I can find time slips for. What do you guys think it would do in the 1/4? 10.80's-10.90's?

65 Dart, 408.
Repro 340 block
W5 heads flow 326cfm
Cam is a crane roller @ .690 lift and 266 deg. dur. @...050
Super Vic intake
430 gears
Full exhaust.
Car has run a best of 10.3@129 with issues.

Cleaning up those issues and changing to a Bullet cam.
We will be dynoing and expect 10.0's (hopefully) or maybe a high nine?
Hopefully a 10 sec combo
68 valiant post
408 stroker 11:1 forged flat top pistons
w2 race heads ported,polished, cnc flow 315 cfm @.600
racer brown cam .597 composite lifters
pro systems 950 carb wilson 1" spacer 1/2 inch fuel line fuel pump aerospace375 GPH
Indy 360 singl plane manifold ported ,polished to match
2.080 valves
1-7/8 TTI headers, x pipe 3" all the way back
8-3/4 -yukon axles , 391 gear, cheetah reverse manual ,hemi front bands 4500 Stall
tire-15x26 235-60 15 M/T slick
Caltracks ,split mono leaf, ranch 9000 shocks
first pass last year in st.louis,496ci.,indy s/r's,howards cam 1050 dominator,low went 10.34@128mph off the trailer,best that day with some suspention tweek's and timeing issues was 10.01@131 more to come this year!Any one from the chicagoland area entered for PINK'S at rt.66 raceway in june? drop a line if so,myself and one other mopar friend[69 barracuda] are in and looking to represent against those bowties & oval's. thank's
I hope to be posting this in the 10 second combo section soon, but for now****UPDATE*** Now it's in the 10's!!! :

360 block, 410 ci, pump gas, 10.8:1 compression
Eagle 4.00 steel crank, Scat I-beams, Diamond pistons, total seal rings (file fit),
ARP main/head studs, Edelbrock heads stage II ported by Ryan J @ Shadydell,
Small solid roller 248/254 duration w/ .576/.582 lift, Airgap (soon to be replaced w/ Victor),
Proform 750 dp (soon to be replaced w/ 950 dp),
4.10 gears, spool, 35 spline axles, pinion snubber, drag shocks front and rear
727, manual valve body, 8” converter, 28x11.5 Hoosier QTP
3250 lbs, street trim and with 3 inch Flowmasters.

Current times in sig.
Popped my 10 second cherry this weekend

10.85085 sec @ 124.02 mph with a 1.681 sec 60ft

1968 Plymouth Valiant
360 / 408 N/A stroker 11.2 C/R
750 dp Holley mech secondaries pump gas + MP intake
Dynoed at 490 hp and 493 tq
Meziere pump, Holley black top, elec fans,
16 volt lightweight battery, no alternator
MSD 6al + 10 mm leads
Ford 9" with Richmond 4 52 gears ( need to swap back to 4 11 )
Home ported Edelbrock performer heads
Front Centrelines with lightweight Wilwood discs
Front 135 / r15 73t tires @ 45 psi
Rear 28 x 15 x 10.5 @ 12 psi
Coan 4000 stall converter
TTI headers
Launch at 2000 / shift at 6500
Car weighs 2567 lbs WITH driver and fuel




Well, it has been a while, '87 through '90, but here goes. Consistent 10:60s @ 125 with a 10:38 at 130 quickest.

67 Barracuda Coupe, back halfed with ladders and coil overs, 12 point, 538 Dana 60, Glide with trans brake, 14w32s, rack and pinion with stock front suspension, and 10 inch drums. 383, 557 MP flat tappet, 906 heads milled .130, Harlan Sharpe RR, TM6, with a Chuck Nutten 750 flowing 930, duel Holley blue pumps, C12.

The only thing I didn't build myself was the glide. Did the head port work myself, with Wikle doing the milling and set up.


old race car.JPG
In process of switching from SB to BB. SB I had ran on alcohol best of 10.54 in 1/4 6.59 1/8 126mph 1.42 60fts 590 cam crane 1.5 rockers Ken Jones 750 carb 4:88 gears. I think bigger on carb would have helped.. Heads Hughes mildly ported iron. I'am just about 62 (nov) On hold myself other things going on. Its slowing my BB upgrade for now. Hopefully be ready by spring or mid summer 2011.
70 Duster
All OEM ex: Glass hood/deck/bumpers
Cage, mini tubs and springs moved in
3100# race ready

KB Flat tops (.025 out = 12.2:1 CR)
Bullet 268/276 solid cam (.585" lift)
Comp Pro Mag stainless rockers (1.5)
OLD Victor intake
800 Holley (with Silly Wild Azz Guess fuel curve)
RHS X 2.02 heads (268 peak cfm at .600")
Hooker 1 3/4 x 3 headers
Dynomax bullet muffs
MSD 7AL3 w/crank trigger

8" (5000-ish) converter
8 3/4 with a 4.56 gear and spool
11.5x29.5 slicks
Cal Tracs and leafs

Leaving at 2500 on the footbrake, and 5800 shifts:

10.54 @ 130 (100 degrees/2940 DA
10.50 @ 130 (86 degrees/2480 DA
104 and change at the 660'

The 60' is weak at 1.47-ish, probably due to only having 30 degrees of timing...

Not too bad for a "replacement" head, NO tuning and my first small block build. Best part was no leaks, no holes and nothing fell off!
Similar air...2 more degrees -

10.42 @ 130
10.41 @ 130
10.33 @ 131.95 raising the shifts from 5800 to 6400!

All else the same...
Ok new guy here but here is my combo. 71 Plymouth Valiant 73 340 cast crank engine 533 lift MP cam Eddie stock heads and 750 carb and M1 intake.150 shot of spray . 727 trans with Turbo Action 4800 converter. Old lift bars stock rear suspension with 4.30 gears. 10.32 @ 126.29
I can't believe I get to finally make a post on this thread!
68 Cuda Notch
408 10.8:1
SS springs
Roller cam .256 @ .050
Stage 2 port Eddy Heads by SDSS
Ported M-1 intake w/QF950
Street Car
If it weren't for my good friend Brian who goes by 408StrokerDart on Moparts I would still be chasing my tail. He tuned the car and the driver(my skills really sucked).
Thanks again Brian if you ever read this!
67 Notchback Cuda backhalf ladder bar Race weight 3400 lbs
440 .060 over 4.15 440 Source crank and rods Ross flat tops 12.3 to 1
Indy SRs CNC ported assembled by Scott Brown
Scott Brown flat tappet cam 272/280 @ .050 664/640 w/1.6 rockers
Indy intake Pro Systems 1000 cfm 4150 carb
2" Hooker fenderwells 31/2 Borlas XR1 mufflers
Ultimate Converter 5100 stall 727 fmvb
4.56 33x18.50 Hoosiers QTP's
Best so far 10.14 @ 135
1973 360 block .040 over
w2 race heads ported to 296 cfm @ .600 lift
2.08 int ferrera valves 1.60 ex
1.6 harland sharp rockers
10.27 cr.
.630 crane roller cam
272* int 282* ex
m1 single plane intake
1 7/8 tti headers
9.5 dynamic converter

it ran 10.79 @ miramichi dragway last falls

in 1971 duster full trim with all interior parts
even a stereo system with sub woofer and every thing
all steel except front fender

if I would change something it will be CR. maybe more to get hp and torque
or less to be able to use a procharger without problem