Spring Fling 34 April 23 & 24, 2022 Van Nuys CA -info & roll call



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Apr 6, 2007
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Spring Fling 34 April 23 & 24, 2022

All Mopar show and swap,

At Woodley Park, Van Nuys CA


Click here for Show Flyer:

Online registration and payment on website

Shop for parts, works in progress welcome, bring out your Mopar: garage queen, daily driver, show car.

500+ Mopars, 175+ swappers, Fri: Mopar Malibu Cruise, Sat: Mopar Cruise-In, Thurs: Track day at Willow Springs

Pre Order with these vendors to save shipping:

www.glendorachryslerjeepdodge.com (909) 599-3623 Parts Dept. (888) 379-1925 Parts Dept Mopar Performance, TTI, Milodon, etc parts specialist

Soooo.... Who's Planning on coming !!

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I'm in, booked my room at the BW Carriage Inn. So far three or four of us are caravanning down from NorCal. Going to track day on Thursday.
Most Likely bringing the Barracuda, doubt the Polara will be ready.

The BW Carriage Inn on the flyer is the host hotel with a special show rate of $139/night. Call during business hours and ask for Katiana. I first talked to two other employees and they knew nothing about it so she's the main contact.
I’m absolutely going. I’d have to trailer my 74 Power Wagon if I were to bring it. Then drive it in.
Thats a first...

Trailer queen power wagon!

Haha!! You are right my friend! It’d cost me a fortune to drive that thing from the Bay Area! I get better mileage pulling a trailer in my ‘01 Cummins. :) not much better though!
It’d cost me a fortune to drive that thing from the Bay Area
We don't know notin' bout no stinkin' fuel economy.

I had a F250 with a 460. Lucky to get 11 on the hwy. 7 in the city.

2x 20 something gallon tanks.

Suck it up and drive it. Hell if you can afford to live in the bay area you can afford some gas. :poke::poke::rolleyes:
I plan to bring the copper fastback. Had a bit of a setback with the fuel pump eccentric but it's back together. Going to put some miles on it next weekend to check that everything's chill. It would be nice if my carpet would arrive so I could put the back seat in, though.
I’ll be there. Not sure which day yet. I’d really like to go to willow on Thursday but I probably can’t. Most likely Saturday.
At this time it is 50/50. We're planning a few days away the next weekend for our 40th anniversary. Just depends on how much money we want to spend.
Fall Fling swap was up 28%. Cars were up too even though there was bad weather.

We expect to be up like this too.



I’ll be there. Pretty sure I’m swapping one of the days. Probably driving one of my darts too. Might even try and sell this thing

More info on the Spring Fling Speed Festival…

Alltime Racing's semi-annual track day is Thursday 21 April 2022.

This is the day before the Spring Fling Malibu cruise (Friday 22 April)
This is only two days before the big CPW Club Spring Fling car show & swap meet in Van Nuys (Saturday/Sunday 23/24 April)
Make a long weekend of it all!

SFSF is held on the Big Willow track at Willow Springs in Rosamond CA (northeast of L.A. along the SR-14 Antelope Valley Freeway).

Having attended both Speed Ventures and Alltime Racing track days, I can tell you that the latter is much less frenetic than the former.

Lighter attendance means a day at the track with Alltime Racing equals:
Plenty of high-speed track time and challenge from similarly-skilled drivers, if you fall into that group.
Very supportive to the newbie, if you have never been to a track day.
A place for you on the track if you fall in between the two extremes.

Bench racing, swapping of lies, grilling, and 12 ounce curls on the Wednesday afternoon before.

It always amazes me how many attendees come from greater distances, compared to just a few from the L.A. area.
One would think with almost 20 million people in the L.A. basin, more drivers would cruise out just past Lancaster to blast around "The Fastest Road in the West".
Remember, this is just before the big show in Van Nuys. You car is already prepped for THAT show... come on out to Willow Springs!

$375, or $300 early bird discount if you beat the upcoming 21 February deadline.

Questions or reservation payments:


Alltime Racing
14750 Miller Ave
Gardena, CA 90249

professional-looking video for the ambiance of a typical track day:

not-quite-as-professional in-car video of a session:
I'm in. Saturday zero dark thirty to 10:30 as usual. No car, just me.
if the border is still open, i'm coming. 24hr drive for me. (one way) going to do fling on saturday and pomona swap meet sunday.
I’ll be there. Not sure which day yet. I’d really like to go to willow on Thursday but I probably can’t. Most likely Saturday.

I'm quietly working towards dragging my junk out there on a trailer. Ill expect your dart to be there also. :poke:
Which one? Never mind I’ll answer for you neither. :lol:
But I’m going regardless.
Big willow can be a daunting track. For drivers considering, go and have fun but drive within your abilities and do not try to find the limit of your car on that track. Hey @autoxcuda is Thursday open to all vehicles or just classics?