Stop in for a cup of coffee

Man that is exactly where we are, we just seem to be drowning in the stuff that needs to be done. We just can’t seem to catch up.
I never tried to get to excited about the things I couldn't control and learned to pace myself remembering there was always tomorrow.
It's Tudor Tuesday!


Good morning :D
We did not get any of the rain we were supposed to get yesterday. Looks like we will get it today. The Red is inching up to cresting. Slow day today for me, trying to figure out travel schedules, we are contemplating not going to Carlisle. Not sure if we can get hotel reservations refunded or not. It is on the docket for discussion tonight. We got wrapped around the axle on airplane flights last night for several other trips and had to go to our respective corners! Hah! Trying to finish apartment and get started on building house is jamming us up. These W2 jobs are in the way!
You need to make time for yourself sometimes. When we built this place we would get overwhelmed some times. You just need to step back and regroup, one thing at a time.
Had to rework my office ventilation, its going to get dusty in shop, so i needed a filter on the fan that pressurizes the office. Keeps dust out really well.
Moms DR called. Not good.
Lung cancer.
And the dimentia is getting worse.
Looks like next step is a nursing home.
Man Frank that is not good news, we are facing the onset of dementia right now with my Father. He thinks Jodi is his daughter and several other occurrences. It is very hard to go thru as I was there for my grandfather as he went thru this process. I am not looking forward to it.
My Dr is supposed to call, 20 minutes ago. Sitting and waiting so i dont miss it. Another 20 and im getting back to work.
Needle scaler at 40 psi is not horrible. Knocks off the dried up undercoating. So another win in my book. As i opened up floor to put a patch in, i got a look inside frame rail. Shop vac to get all the debris out, will cut floor on other side and do the same. Needle scaler is loosening it up inside too.