I'm so sick of buying those moving dollies and them breaking when I put an engine on them, even the ones rated for 1000 lb. Hell, I could build a better one myself at home that won't break so easy, or even at all.

So that's what I did.

I had an old metal one with wheels that held the engine on the oil pan on the pan rails and you could move the engines around. I tried to call the company from the sticker on it, but the phone number is now used for a phone sex line (wtf?).

So I used that concept, and built a sturdy wood frame. Then bought some 3" caster wheels for the front and straight wheels for the rear, rated for 350lb each and mounted them to the base. So my wheels are rated for 1400 lbs and I think that my base can handle it. I put a 360 on it a little while ago, and it's holding up fine.

Here's pictures of the base that could also be used by itself on a sturdy shelf to store engines on.

Engine Dolly 1-1.jpg

Engine Dolly 1-2.jpg

Engine Dolly 1-3.jpg

Here's where I'm testing the base with an oil pan for fit:

Engine Dolly 1-4.jpg

Engine Dolly 1-5.jpg

Engine Dolly 1-6.jpg

Here's pictures of it with the wheels mounted:

Engine Dolly 1-7.jpg

Engine Dolly 1-8.jpg

Engine Dolly 1-9.jpg

Here's finished with the oil pan:

Engine Dolly 1-10.jpg

Engine Dolly 1-11.jpg

Here it is with the 360 on it:

Engine Dolly 1-12.jpg

Engine Dolly 1-13.jpg

Engine Dolly 1-14.jpg

Engine Dolly 1-15.jpg

Engine Dolly 1-16.jpg

Engine Dolly 1-17.jpg

Made in USA beyotches......