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  1. beanhead

    Fixing stripped ECU screw for proper ground???!!!!

    Take the wheel off....or is there a cavity between the fender apron metal and the wheel well metal?
  2. beanhead

    Kinda negative experience with summit

    Well ya know the old saying, "if they sound hot on the phone...they're probably NOT..." :lol:
  3. beanhead

    Kinda negative experience with summit

    Agreed. I've had more Edelbrock stuff delivered than I can remember and it always came in their nice boxes.... As to the OPs problem, sucks but that looks like most Edelbrock intakes I've ever gotten. Just my luck maybe? I have to wonder though, is that mismatch because of the manifold or the...
  4. beanhead

    Trick Flow heads

    Those are purty! I've been very happy with my TF heads.
  5. beanhead

    Trick Flow heads

    HP has zero to do with rocker selection's all about the springs you'll be running. I like Hughes now for anything that doesn't require a steel rocker but any decent aluminum arm including the Mancini cheapy is fine unless you're needing open pressures of 700 and up (just my own general...
  6. beanhead

    Negative comments said about sellers in profile

    LOL FOR SALE - Brand new MP 2406518 MAX WEDGE HEADS built with Big Valves Bigboy 68
  7. beanhead

    PRW Platinum Rockers, Trick Flow Heads, 408: Anyone Else Use the Same?

    Burn that rubber!:thumbsup: What "I" do when setting the side clearence is use four feeler gauges of the same size, (of whatever clearance I'm shooting for) and leave them in place next to each pair while I line things up and tighten the bolts. That way stuff can't shift around and close up the...
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    A/C and Duster Engine Swaps

    Thanks guys
  9. beanhead

    A/C and Duster Engine Swaps

    Just an academic question here, but can the factory A/C be used as-is (except for brackets which I assume would need changed) when swapping the /6 in a '73 Duster to a B or RB engine? Howsbout a small block? Thanks!
  10. beanhead

    Trick Flow 240 Intake Pushrod Hole Clearance ???

    Not sure if it answers your question exactly, but the holes are oval-shaped. I have plenty of clearance with 3/8" rods.
  11. beanhead

    Lubricate cam bearing od at install

    Yessir...dry hump 'em all the way!:D I bought a Lisle-brand tool years ago, and of course became 'cam bearing guy' lol...and have never had an issue after install doing them dry. Oh sure, I've had to scrape and/or use the cutter cam, and sometimes I might smooth a little chamfer on the journals...
  12. beanhead

    Aftermarket Iron Big Block For Use With Predator Heads

    Better to be "too tall" and "too tight", that just means they left you room fer fittin'! Too short or loose and you'da been hosed. Cutting metal is easy; putting it back not so much!:rolleyes:
  13. beanhead

    Spring Fling 34 April 23 & 24, 2022 Van Nuys CA -info & roll call

    Thanks to all of you for your efforts! Good times.... Were any of the videos from Sunday?
  14. beanhead

    Noob question Eddy Heads - special roller ockers?

    HS makes different versions of their rockers for different heads in an attempt to get better geometry for that particular head. Now, how well they shape up is a point of contention but if you decide to go with Harlands, you should use the set made for your specific heads.
  15. beanhead

    Help identify aluminum heads

    More suited for strip than street "usually". Hopefully the rest of the combo is matched well....a max-port 500" RB in a Dart's gonna be a good time!!
  16. beanhead

    1.6 Rocker Arm Install , Lube questions

    I've become a big fan of this. And yeah for the rockers soak them in some good oil, I prefer an overnight bath for those and timing chains and stuff like that. Can't hurt...
  17. beanhead

    Grinding, " diesel " noise under valve covers

    Well then! That might be your problem. .0015" seems like a bind to me in that situation, especially once things get warm and grow a bit...
  18. beanhead

    Grinding, " diesel " noise under valve covers

    Can't get a one and-a-half thou feeler in? Or did you mean .015"?
  19. beanhead

    Am I being rude?

    I guess it depends on where you're at. I'm back in a mostly quiet neighborhood, not a very busy street and there's been a few times that neighbors have stopped to chat. On foot though, not from their car... I usually take it as a sign that I needed a little break anyway so I have no problem...
  20. beanhead

    Plug reading useless

    It's not as good an indicator as it used to be for pump gas, and of course differs depending on where you're at, but 'useless'? That's ridiculous. I've noticed a difference though, in how the pump 91 we get out here the last few years reads. It just doesn't color up the insulators like it used...
  21. beanhead

    McMaster Carr

    Copy that. We don't use "Fastensome" for anything anymore; we get it all from McM next-day. Better prices and availability.
  22. beanhead

    Positive crankcase ventilation

    I like it. I run an oil separator as well with the adjustable PCV. I fabbed my own baffles and TiG'd them in to my covers (they're 440source fabbed covers that had none). When the engine's running you can pop the breather or PCV off, feel the topside of the baffle and there's little to no oil...
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    Nice score :thumbsup:
  24. beanhead

    Grinding, " diesel " noise under valve covers

    RRR is on it about piston slap. Whether that's what your issue is depends on the build and the clearances of course, and how much it quiets (if at all) when hot, but if it helps any mine is a 600-neighborhood forged-piston RB stroker, set up a little on the 'loose' side....and it has some piston...
  25. beanhead

    440 dizzy gear and driveshaft.

    I bought this one from the Summit about 2-1/2 years ago, showed no appreciable wear at rebuild. Hardened shaft, pinned gear, USA made. At least this one was..
  26. beanhead

    which ex gasket set to get

    Remflex do work great, especially with headers...but you have to be careful handling them. They can't get chipped, dropped or bent or they'll leak and you're back at square one. That said I don't use anything else anymore...
  27. beanhead

    Yet another oil pan question. Reusable gaskets?

    The million dollar question is...has anyone here tried to re-use one yet? I'm curious if they are as 're-usable' as they claim? The one I have is still on it's first go-round.