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  1. 1969VADart

    Finally Found What I Was Looking For - New Ride

    Those are the factory correct 15" steel wheels for this particular car. It actually came with the correct dog dish hubcaps, but frankly they looked stupid to me on this all black car. The black wheels make it more menacing looking. When I have money again, I may buy an extra set of wheels and...
  2. 1969VADart

    Finally Found What I Was Looking For - New Ride

    Not an April Fool's Joke.
  3. 1969VADart

    Finally Found What I Was Looking For - New Ride

    I don't own cars that I don't drive. Completely defeats the purpose for me. I am working through a couple things to get it fully road worthy and it will be on the street soon.
  4. 1969VADart

    Hello from Pa

    Welcome from Fredericksburg, VA.
  5. 1969VADart

    Finally Found What I Was Looking For - New Ride

    I shared a couple months ago that I had parted ways with my 1969 Dodge Dart GT. Selling that car was one of the toughest decisions I have ever made. As a result I have gone over to the B-Body (dark?) side. I recently was able to finally buy what I was after. This is the replacement for my Dart...
  6. 1969VADart

    Engine and front lighting Harness '69 Dart

    I think my engine and front end wiring harness came from Evans when I redid it a few years ago. Have you tried contacting them directly? Evans Wiring Harnesses
  7. 1969VADart

    New to the Forum

    Welcome from Fredericksburg, VA.
  8. 1969VADart

    [WANTED] Four 15 x 7 Steel Wheels in BBP

    Looking for the plain steel wheels, not the cop car wheels. Thanks.
  9. 1969VADart


    Welcome from Fredericksburg, VA. Big fan of the Durango, although mine is a GT.
  10. 1969VADart

    [WANTED] Four 15 x 7 Steel Wheels in BBP

    Looking for a complete set of 15x7 steel wheels in BBP. These are meant for a friends 69 Charger. Would prefer something that is within reasonable driving distance of Central Virginia, but willing to consider shipping for the right wheels. Shoot me a message if you have what I'm looking for. Thanks.
  11. 1969VADart

    New member

    Welcome from Fredericksburg, VA.
  12. 1969VADart

    New to the site

    Welcome from Fredericksburg, VA.
  13. 1969VADart

    Carb choice

    With the performance build the 750 probably makes sense. However, the tendency is to over-carb a build and then the car doesn't perform as expected. You might check out a Street Demon or something like that. The car might be really responsive to something in the 670-700 range.
  14. 1969VADart

    FABO Welcome Wagon

    Welcome from Fredericksburg, VA.
  15. 1969VADart

    Hello from Buffalo

    Welcome from Fredericksburg, VA.
  16. 1969VADart

    Hello from Central WA

    Welcome from Fredericksburg, VA.
  17. 1969VADart

    Barrett Jackson - 1970 Dart Swinger

    Checking out the Barrett Jackson auction on TV yesterday. They sold this pink 70 Swinger. I was kind of shocked that this car went for $59,000. My friend can't get near that number with an original, restored, big block, 4-speed GTS. 1970 DODGE DART SWINGER - Barrett-Jackson Auction Company -...
  18. 1969VADart

    Sad Day

    I won't have to wait long on my Road Runner. I am going to close the deal on it this Friday.
  19. 1969VADart

    Sad Day

    You are not the first person to share this sentiment, but truthfully, she has a dream car that is not the Dart. As for her driving, I promised her I would let her get the chance before it was gone - it just happened to be the last day we had it. It actually spooked her a little because old Mopar...
  20. 1969VADart

    Sad Day

    Yes, I did sell it. Fortunately, it is going to what I believe is a very good new home.
  21. 1969VADart

    Sad Day

    Well I am sad to report that as of yesterday, I am no longer the owner of my 1969 Dart GT. A lot of blood, sweat and tears (and money) went into making this project what I wanted it to be nearly 10 years ago. This is the only car I have ever loved that I owned personally. My daughter grew up...
  22. 1969VADart

    [SOLD] 1969 Dodge Dart GT

    The heater box is the original but all of the components for the AC system were removed including the guts in the box. I cannot say for sure where all of those parts are now.
  23. 1969VADart

    [SOLD] 1969 Dodge Dart GT

    I removed all the AC components during the build (a mistake in hindsight). I have intended to add an aftermarket AC system but just never got around to it.
  24. 1969VADart

    [SOLD] 1969 Dodge Dart GT

    Car has the original 318 block. It has been freshened up with different heads and mild cam. The correct MC is on the car. That engine bay pic is one from prior to the disc brake swap. It was just the only engine pic I have right now.
  25. 1969VADart

    [SOLD] 1969 Dodge Dart GT

    As much as it pains me to do so, I am looking to part ways with my 1969 Dodge Dart GT. This car was fully restored between 2014 and 2016. Body is in outstanding condition as is the interior. Motor shows obvious signs of having been driven, but the car is mechanically sound with no problems...
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    Hello From York, PA

    Welcome from Fredericksburg, VA. That's a heckuva find.
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    New member here -

    Welcome from Fredericksburg, VA.
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    New Old Guy

    Welcome from Fredericksburg, VA.
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    The road through your windshield

    Cruising with some friends.
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    New guy here

    Welcome from Fredericksburg, VA.