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    Seat Belt Cert Questions

    The manufacture is allowed to date 6 months in the future, so you get 2 years after sitting on the shelf at the speed shop. That being said, send a set to RCI in Jan 23, received them back in 7 days, dated jul 23. I will always send mine in to get recert, especially since I use a cam lock belts.
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    Valve keepers

    Looks like your intake keepers are -.050, oh and your notes are wrong, you do not have single groove keepers.
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    What octane should I run

    I have had guys show up at the dyno with 2 and 3 different fuels, and see what works best. The only caution I would add is, each fuel has a different specific gravity and that effects the A/F slightly.
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    I have one in my roadster, it has a flat bottom pan and I lose oil pressure on a hard decell. Mine is a 2 quart, and it will hold about 20 PSI for around 15 seconds. It allows me to run 2 fewer quarts of oil in the pan. It also is great for pre-oiling the engine before startup.
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    best racing ign system.

    It was a Hei, it had an adjustable diaphragm, so we limited it to 4 degrees.
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    best racing ign system.

    LOL, I sent an email to them and got a response in 3 mins. 25 samples per second or once every 0.04 seconds
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    A first time for me...

    Question, on previous version of accutime, when getting a .0000 reaction time, the tree would just hold the yellow light, no red, no green. It was a dead giveaway of your reaction time.
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    505 BB Mopar on the dyno today

    FI rails with a carb?
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    440 break in noise from timing cover....we gentle!

    Rotate the crank 180, the connecting rod bolts stick out the farthest. but that is a long ways away.
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    Check your belt dates guys

    I have 2 sets of cam lock belts, I send the old set in to get rewebed when the set in the car expires, they send them back with a BIG lead date. For example, sent in a set in January, returned 8 days later with a July 2025 date. Not a bad deal for $65.
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    Edelbrock setup for dual quad

    At idle, the "rods" are not used, all idle fuel is controlled by the idle mixture screws.
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    Hilborn 8 Stack help needed.

    Can you post a picture of your current bracket? Because everyone i know uses an enderle drive.
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    Edelbrock setup for dual quad

    Hello, my name is Joe, and I own/run an engine dyno. I have done dozens of duel 4 barrels. 1st, don't worry about the secondaries, they will never open, unless you get to 5500. 2nd, all Edelbrock carbs are rich out of the box. 3rd get a a/f gage if you want to dial it in right, it will be...
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    Fuel injection

    I guess it depends on your goals, if you plan on boosting it later, EFI. If you plan on switching between E85 and gas, EFI. About anything else, you can get a carb to equal or better than EFI. I switched my new engine over to EFI because I like to learn and let's face it, the last carburetor on...
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    best racing ign system.

    I know I am late to the party, but the issue with 2 barrel (500 cfm) circle track engines is above 4200 RPM they start pulling a manifold vacuum. On a 350 chevy, at, 6200 they are pulling 4in of vacuum, I am sure a 360 would be pulling more. So what this means is the timing used to come out of...
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    If you are going to ship USPS, going to the post office is the most expensive way, going online to USPS is better, but going to a free 3rd party that gets volume discounts is the cheapest way. IE FYI my wife ships around 1500 packages a year with USPS. Also goshippo has discounts...
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    I don't think this is legal

    You should have been pulled out and if there is an even number you still get lane choice. If he broke after being told which lane he was in, that was a competition bye. Joe
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    How to prep a track

    Funny, I won there in box on Saturday, car was deadly, driver not so much. I will say that, when I saw how much rubber was on the track from Friday night, I soften the 60ft down to a 1.20 (normal 1.16). He let too much rubber build up on the track, so it was chunking pieces of rubber until the...
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    How to prep a track

    What track were you at? Joe
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    Spark Plug Carnage

    Stick a camera down inside it and take a look.
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    Looking for a thread that had a youtube video of different honing tools & which one worked better, like a ball hone versus a 3 finger hone.

    I don't have a dog in this fight, but I have my own engine dyno, and you can tell on the blow-by meter which engines have been honed with a deck plate or not. IMHO when you go to a machine shop you need to ask 2 questions "do you have a deck plate" and do you have a "Profilometer"? If the answer...
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    Recommendations on Engine Rebuider

    I have a guy that i dyno engines for, that does great work, but i not sure if he's accepting new work. He is near Florence Tx. Hosman machine. Joe
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    Internet bridge from house to shop.

    LOL, nothing! :eek: Not sure how that happen. I fixed it. Sorry about that.:rolleyes:
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    Internet bridge from house to shop.

    I guess I should have said, my shop has its own 200 amp service with its own transformer. Joe
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    Internet bridge from house to shop.

    This is what I use, it passes to a router inside my building, I watch iptv in the shop, while 4 video feeds are passing at the same time, (around 25Mbps) no problem. it's good for a few miles. hint, turn the output power down, i was picking up the signal 3 miles from the house. I use 2 of...
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    Racing Harness Recertification?

    RCI does Recertification for $60 Joe
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    Storing Race car for winter

    So, since you live in Texas, if you are using an electric heater, what's the plan if the electricity go out for an extended period of time, like it did in 21?
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    I need schooling - old vs. new engines

    A few things, FI, which you noted, adjustable cam timing, more efficient combustion chamber, variable intake runner length, reduced drag due to thinner piston rings and reduced fiction due to roller cam. These are just off the top of me head.
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    Well we sucked bad today.

    The reason i asked about the transmission type is that if it's a powerglide there is a fix for it. I used to have to go in at a high idle to avoid backing out, I tried a bunch of parts to fix it. Now sonnex has come out with a servo kit that absolutely locks the car down when the button is...
  30. Sr4440

    Well we sucked bad today.

    Why did the car back out of the beams? What transmission do you have in the car? Joe