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    Cheap fuel pump

    Ok guys my turbo Hemi has been put on hold. I am going to build my car up N/A for the time being. And I am in need of a cheap online pump, that I can run for a year or so untill I can get back on track with my turbo build. I really wanna get this thing up and running. All I need to do is buy a...
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    what starter

    does anyone know what starter i need for my swap. im installing a 727 behind the hemi. i have the stock hemii exhaust. thanks for any input you can provide.
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    power steering delete

    where can I find a pulley to deledt the power steering? Thanks guys.
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    factory parts for installing the Hemi...

    Well I dropped the hemi in the car last weekend, and it was a complete failure. I contacted a friend of mine, and asked him to get me one of every hemi oil pan ever made or that he could get his hands on. We looked at the pans, (I had one from the truck, the car, and a durango/jeep) We decided...
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    header attempt = fail

    well I have a set of pacesetter long tubes that were in my wrecked 04 ram. And since I had them I wanted to see if they would work in a duster. I found out that they are not even close. (was hopeing they would be) it appeared that the headers were going to fit with a slight modification to the...
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    i just scored a new PCM for my project.

    a friend of mine called me up and he was really excited. he says, "I have the perfect thing for you!" I said "ooh yeah," Then he said "Yeah we just had a 04 ram 2500 come in with a 5.7 and a manual trans." and he is pulling the PCM and wireing out of it for me. I am excited to get it because i...
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    5.7 into 75 duster/header question...

    has anyone tried anything other than the TTI headers? what about a stock manifold off of something? (car, truck, jeep, durango, ect) what about using a car, truck, jeep, or durango aftermarket header? does anything come close that might need a slight rerouting of one or 2 tubes on the header...
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    What car for Hemi swap?

    what would be the best car to do the swap on? one that will require the least ammount of modifcations. it would be nice to have power stearing and power brakes, but not needed. I have a complete 04 ram 1500 that is a doner for the swap. it ran a 12.73 @ 105MPH in the 1/4 and cut a 1.66 60ft...