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  1. autopar3000

    Best next upgrade?

    That totally depends on how much torque you try to put through it. Take it easy and it'll last another 50 years. Put a set of slicks on the car and run it down the drag strip a bunch of times and you'll probably get a handful of launches before you kill it.
  2. autopar3000

    Best next upgrade?

    For your stated use case you should first improve the brakes and suspension. Later style disc brakes with quality pads are more than enough, or spend the big dollars and get a kit from one of the usual suspects. The problem becomes the "while you're in there" mentality. While you have the...
  3. autopar3000

    An Eagle Cap Camper Snapped A Ram 3500 Dually In Half, Mopar Refuses $17,000 Repair Bill

    As an aside, Steve Magnante's YouTube channel is great. Videos are mostly him doing the junkyard thing, each video is only 8 - 10 minutes long, and he puts out a new video every day. Plus he's a Mopar guy, so what's not to like?
  4. autopar3000

    An Eagle Cap Camper Snapped A Ram 3500 Dually In Half, Mopar Refuses $17,000 Repair Bill

    Check this out, a 61 Dodge "Dart" D100 with factory mods to support a camper. If you don't want to watch the whole video then scroll to about 8:10.
  5. autopar3000

    Castrol GTX 20-50

    My Dart has a roller cam so I'm not too worried about the oil for that, but I have an 85 Toyota Supra with flat tappets. I used the Mobil1 0w-40 Full Synthetic because I felt 50 weight oil would be too heavy. The 0w-40 has 1000 ppm phosphorous and 1100 ppm zinc, so it's probably fine. Here's...
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    When you know you are not dealing with a mopar person

    Part of an actual conversation I had at a gas station this year: Him: What gear do have in that thing? Me: Just a 3.23. Nothing too crazy. Him: Is it posi? Me: No, it's Sure Grip. Him: Too bad, you should get a posi unit. It will take off much better. Me: :BangHead:
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    This is not mine: Please view this ad: 69 dodge dart, 69 dodge dart | Classic Cars | Kitchener / Waterloo | Kijiji Price: $ 13,500
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    3.9 V6

    I can tell you with 100% absolute certainty that taking an engine out of a van is a severe PITA. I took this 5.9 out of a 94 B350 last month and it would have been impossible with a standard engine hoist. We cut the front frame cross member and used the a fork lift. The only other way would have...
  9. autopar3000

    NOS 340 decals. NOT MINE.

    Someone here must want these for $30 CAD. Check out the punch card on the box! 340 decals | Classic Cars | Owen Sound | Kijiji
  10. autopar3000

    Is it LEGAL????

    Same deal with my 70 Swinger clone. If you're going to actually drive your car then you don't want a pristine numbers matching original car. I could never beat the hell out of it and break stuff if the value in the car was its originality.
  11. autopar3000

    Is it LEGAL????

    Just saw this article and thought of this thread: Buyer beware: There are more rebodied cars out there than you think
  12. autopar3000

    1974 Dodge Dart Diesel

  13. autopar3000

    tribute to my Canadian Airforce DAD

    That's awesome, LJ67! And that museum is awesome. My cousin had her wedding reception there. Check this pic of the head table with the mighty Lancaster bomber behind the wedding party.
  14. autopar3000

    I've watched this 10 times and I still don't know what happened.....

    Oh, that's no fake. Local RCMP confirmed it happened: WATCH: Muscle car loses back axle on Alberta road I'm trying to find the site where the video showed up one of the first times. One of the car owner's friend commented on exactly what happened.
  15. autopar3000

    I've watched this 10 times and I still don't know what happened.....

    I've seen that Dart disaster before. I think the guy is Canadian, from Edmonton if I recall. Story goes he just got the car the day before. I can't remember exactly what happened, whether he hit reverse or the rear brakes locked up or something else. I do remember it wasn't ALL the driver's...
  16. autopar3000

    76 Scamp on Kijiji

    Not mine. She sure looks clean. $6800 CAD = about $5100 USD Super clean Mopar | classic cars | City of Toronto | Kijiji
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    Absolutely, most (anti) social media is nothing but a cesspool of attitude and ego, but fabo used to be a safe haven from that. Not as much these days. Don't get me wrong, fabo is still a million time better than just about any alternative. Just not as nice as it used to be.
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    Yeah, I have to agree too. I don't post a lot but I've been on this forum for a long time doing a lot of following along. I've noticed that over the past couple of years a few very active members have strongly contributed to a decline in the overall positive and friendly feel of this forum...
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    Oddly optioned cars and Dealership demonstators?

    Maybe the original owner was planning on putting mags on the car right away? We see people doing that a lot these days. Just go on CL (or kijiji up here) and you'll see all kinds of available "new take-off" tire and rim packages from people that upgraded their wheels on day 2.
  20. autopar3000

    Differences between 70/71 and 72 Darts

    That definitely makes sense, as the release hole on the newer column is much larger and lower than the hole on the older column. I guess I'll be getting one of the newer ones. Thanks!
  21. autopar3000

    Differences between 70/71 and 72 Darts

    Hi Cudamark, Do you know what the difference is between the 70/71 ignition lock cylinder an the 72 and up style? Have a look at my recent thread for background on this question. Ignition lock cylinder question - what's the difference between 70/71 and 72 up??
  22. autopar3000

    Seen on Craigslist

    I checked into my most valued Mopar resources (google) and can't find that dash tach on any other vehicle. I guess it's aftermarket? Anyone know?
  23. autopar3000

    Seen on Craigslist

    Hmm. I've never seen that tach before.
  24. autopar3000

    BAD GAS !

    Yes, it's the ethanol causing the fuel to evaporate more quickly and turn bad more quickly. I'm fortunate that in my neck of the woods most premium fuel has no ethanol, so if the car is going to be sitting for a while I'll use the high test with stabilizer and I'm good for at least 12 months...
  25. autopar3000

    Bucket Seat Identification

    I have a set of seats identical to that, only they're red / burgundy. I was told they were A Body seats when I bought them.
  26. autopar3000

    LD340 intake is it still good after this modification

    It's usable, but like oldman said, you'll want to have just the one inch or so cut out of the divider. Regarding the torker comment... I ran a torker 340 for a long time before I had cash to replace it... I don't know if there's ANYTHING you can do to an LD340 to make it as bad as a torker. I...
  27. autopar3000

    What kind of oil filter do you guys use?

    About 20 years ago I did an oil change on my slant 6 dart, pulled off the FRAM filter, and the oil wouldn't drain out of it. I could feel the oil moving around inside it, almost like I was holding a jar of pickles or something. So either it was so clogged up that oil couldn't move through it...
  28. autopar3000

    shipping only to the US

    I'm fortunate that one of my brothers lives in th US and comes home to visit several times a year. So I just have sellers ship stuff to him and next time he comes back it's like Christmas for me. It also helps to get around the duties when ordering from an actual company. My other brother lives...