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  1. 67mprfan

    Supporting the engine?

    I've used a 1 inch ratchet strap on the frame rails underneath the oil pan
  2. 67mprfan

    TTi 440-218C0 Measurements

    Sorry fat fingered and didn't realize it
  3. 67mprfan

    470 going to the dyno - HP/TQ estimates

    Do you remember what the part number for the Ross piston that was used
  4. 67mprfan

    Can't get Pro Parts headers to fit.

    My old car with proparts
  5. 67mprfan

    383 builds for drag car

    I would go with option #2. That way parts can be inspected and having the block sonic checked, there's no worries in the future #3 would be good also but giving it a once over before diving to far into would be great
  6. 67mprfan

    For the Ohio racers
  7. 67mprfan

    Lessons learned - elephant ears

    My suggestion is pull the w/p and elephant ears off, then pull engine and transmission together, providing you have enough room/height to do it
  8. 67mprfan

    New PB, In car video ride along

    That's a first. Usually someone has to wake me up on the tree:rofl:
  9. 67mprfan

    New PB, In car video ride along

    Personal best
  10. 67mprfan

    Broken rocker arms two weekends in a row

    I believe they offer a rebuild service, or an inspection service from what there website says
  11. 67mprfan

    70 dart 470 ci drag car build.

    Upload your video on YouTube, hit the share button then copy the link, and post it here.
  12. 67mprfan

    It rained, and rained, and rained

    Your lights are way better than mines lol
  13. 67mprfan

    distributor cap male terminal

    I got my cap from firecore
  14. 67mprfan

    Leaky valve cover follow up.

    When I was running those MP valve covers, right at the corner where the distribution sits would hit causing the gasket to not fit correct. I trimmed that corner down some and it help with the leaks. Fyi I was running the thick gel pro rubber gaskets
  15. 67mprfan

    440 source stroker crank pulley alignment issues.

    They also have 1 from AR Engineering
  16. 67mprfan

    How to prep a track

    Maybe still a shortage on glue. I agree later in the evening, possibly not many cars left to run, can't keep heat in the track can cause issues
  17. 67mprfan

    Headers with power steering

    26/27 inch tall tire is about the limit using pro-part headers
  18. 67mprfan

    Anyone Deal in ATI Super Dampers or Advice on Were to Buy One

    Check FB for Moore & Moore racing, he's a swap meeter guy that may have a new 1
  19. 67mprfan


    Hey Sir do you know the part number for that relay. I'm wanting to move my battery to the trunk.... T.I.A
  20. 67mprfan

    Low gear set 904, pro’s and Con’s

    That's why I used I'm quoting statement. And also mentioned Don's car works very well
  21. 67mprfan

    Low gear set 904, pro’s and Con’s

    Just quoting what the gentleman said who built my trans brake transmission. You can't footbrake off of a transmission that is setup for a brake. Your car works very , but removing the brake just might be the ticket alone
  22. 67mprfan

    500 vs 512 from 400ci

    No skin in the game but I'm with the other couple of members, keep the 470 for mostly street car
  23. 67mprfan

    hughes rockers

    No I sold the car 5 yrs ago. To buy the car in my avatar
  24. 67mprfan

    hughes rockers

    Yes big block. During inspection in the off season discovered they were rubbing on the spring.
  25. 67mprfan

    Another converter thread

    If you do call Coan ask for Craig M (sorry don't know his last name). He's a Mopar guy and helped me a few times.
  26. 67mprfan

    hughes rockers

    I was running 1.55 springs with 10 degrees retainers
  27. 67mprfan

    hughes rockers

    I ran there rockers on my Indy EZ headed motor. I also had to do some grinding on there rockers to clear my springs
  28. 67mprfan

    Is there such a thing as a 5000 stall converter that is streetable ?

    . Cruising around the neighborhood
  29. 67mprfan

    Home sweet home

    Good luck and have fun. Be safe on the journey home as well
  30. 67mprfan

    Solid roller lifters...

    Miszny I'm running them in my setup, after having talks with Dwayne about lifters that would work for what I'm doing he suggested them. Now it's only been a 1 year I will say they been good so far ( I plan on inspecting this winter). No I didn't do side by side comprassion with any other...