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    71 Swinger- SBP 8 3/4, No Cutting & Cragars- Possible?

    Hoping to use the 15x8" Cragars with 4.25" backspacing. I can live with the 4.125" BS 15x7" pieces if need be, but would prefer the 8's... Is this doable without cutting the lips?
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    Hemi Swap Info

    Any links?
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    Gen 3 Hemi Swap time!!!

    Actually, there is a company building these transmissions with a bellhousing pattern to bolt directly to the G3 Hemi...
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    Hemi Swap Info

    So, any progress in the last few months?
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    Went for a ride today.

    The hood's Nice car!
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    6.1L Hemi WIW

    I hear ya...
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    Gen III Hemi Swap Questions

    So, here's your quandary...the Eagle motor is 390-ish net HP right out of the box, so it's not far off your target. However, it's VVT, so either you use Hotwire Auto or Modern Muscle to control the electronics and keep the VVT functional and live with the DBW throttle body, or you give up some...
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    6.1 Valve spring failure

    Nope. Just stating where I learned it from. Now that I know it (and I ain't an oldtimer yet) I pass it on. One day I WILL be the "Oldtimer" passing on knowledge all but lost to a generation who can't repair anything without a scanner or the "proper" tool. "Necessity is the Mother of Invention!"...
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    6.1 Valve spring failure

    Oldtimers used to feed small cotton rope into the spark plug hole and run the piston up. I was surprised at how effective it was...
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    6.2 hellcat crate motor

    But you gotta admit, that 6.2 was designed to be daily driver in 100* heat and warranty friendly. Not to say the average joe can't build that, but someone else has already done thousands of hours of R&D and testing to be sure...
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    /6 to G3 Hemi conversion mounts now available.

    Pics? Now all they need are A-body PS headers!
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    Gas Monkey garage Hemi swap

    I think it was an old episode of "Overhaulin'" that did a GenIII Hemi in a Challenger. At least they didn't come out of it looking like a monkey fornicating with a football! You watch some of these guys and can't help but look at your TV and say "You're the reason siblings shouldn't mate!"...
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    old man new member

    It's kinda bizarre to think that there's a generation growing up who doesn't know what Spam is, eh Rusty? My kids even have no clue!
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    6.1 cam swap. Big deal?

    As far as I know, as it is a roller cam, just a light coating of oil so nothing is dry should suffice...
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    EFI 5.7 swap questions

    FTR, if you're planning to boost this thing anyways, I would plan your build that way from the get-go. No point in dropping $ on custom headers, for instance, to then be turning around later and starting again. There're some great turbo builds here already to get you started!
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    My Milodon Experience...

    I will be in the morning. It was getting a bit dark...
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    My Milodon Experience...

    Well, my pan holes all line up. No main bolts need to be moved for the new pickup. Too bad the flange is welded on clocked about 20 degrees too far clockwise. Really guys? You've made these before, haven't you? Wish I could send them the bill for repairing it...
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    Modern Drivetrain Swap

    Well Rusty, the "Canadian friend" in me says sorry if I misread your intention. By the time I made that particular post there had been quite a few responses and it seemed like (obviously, incorrectly) like you had jumped in with the LS comment and jumped out just as quickly. I also, likely...
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    Modern Drivetrain Swap

    What I was getting at was RustyRatRod said it weighed half as much, and would put out twice the power for half the money. I bought my 395HP 5.7 for $1600CDN with 2000 miles on it. By the time I'm done I'll have roughly 4K CDN into it, headers and exhaust included, and be over the 400HP mark...
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    Modern Drivetrain Swap

    So, according to Rusty, the LS weighs 250# and produces 790hp for 2K? Sounds like another 500 horse 350 story to me...
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    transmission options and questions

    Thanks just saved me 6 grand! Can't be running all over the internet changing my name!
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    transmission options and questions

    That was one of my thoughts behind using an A833. Later on, if money is less tight, I have very little to change to use the A855...
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    My 1971 Duster 6.1 Hemi build

    There's a bi-sexual car in your shop... That A855 looks pretty sweet!
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    Early A swap

    Look for Tincup's car...
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    2009+ 5.7 Hemi Eagle

    With a wideband O2 the MS is pretty much plug'n'play and self learning, but the guys at EFI Source say you'd still have to do some custom work on the VVT end. That said, they aren't out to market yet for VVT. Holley is working on it as well, but not currently there. So, in a nutshell, your best...
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    Anyone Have Access To Old Bend Cards?

    70 Duster and 68 Charger, both with dual exhaust...
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    Anyone Have Access To Old Bend Cards?

    Have an exhaust bender, and was looking for an old set of bending instruction cards or a CD-ROM that wouldn't set me back close to a grand? Thanks!
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    gen3 hemi question

    I believe this is what you're looking for...
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    cuda620...apparently he has an issue with calling a GenIII A "Hemi"...
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    I Hate To Ask A Fuel System Question...

    So, for same of arguement, let's say I bought this piece and modified it so the pickup goes right to the bottom. I can block one of the "Out" ports, and use one "In" from the tank and the other "In" from the return on the filter/regulator, correct? Sorry if I seem dense, but I HATE buying parts...