360 292/508 cam fast simple cheap builds

Iron ram magnum heads stock size valves flow about 230 I think,I think the 202 valve ones flow about 240
Im looking for people who run them.reference,yes im building around this cam!im not demanding anything.I moved to this section hoping for better luck.abodybomber I had the book it got lost or is in one of my darts I sold.I do have to buy another.u can read it in a book I figured people run them and would post the luck they got out of it thats all didnt mean for anyone to give me crap about it.

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Im done with it.the guy that wanted my 440 decided againt 440 so I wont have 360 now.so I have a 440 im not using and 2 318s what to do haha.turboed 318s are interesting
Turbo'd anything is interesting, and any one of the MP cams would likely be about the worst thing for a turbo engine...you won't do it ;)

EDIT: I'm a little sauced up at the moment, so don't take anything I say seriously or read it without your tongue planted firmly in cheek...damn I love rum
I wouldnt use a mopar cam for turbo setup lol no I nless it was designed fir ut.member topfueldart has a turbo 318'pretty mild runs mid 11s ,13 lbs boost he says stock heads 188 valve must be 360 head .pt67 turbo.crane 467 lift,I may just follow it but find s diff cam.later better heads.I gotta find some low compression forged pistons
Here's my combo just pulled from 73 dart
292/508 cam
kb 191 domed w valve reliefs
j heads 1.88 intakes
open plenum intake
cheap headers
msd box & dizzy
100-140 shots nos
670 cfm holley
4.56 spool
727 tf
my findings w j heads were 11.68:1 on compression
this combo doesnt wake up good until past 3000rpm. My rev limiter set at 6g motor still pulling strong
was a really fun motor on the juice
gears are a must
pulled motor down & was glad to see no apparent damage on pistons from nos.
Hope this helps
heres the motor i was running with that cam..

mp 9.5 to one 360 short block
63cc eddy heads
edy performer rpm intake
750 dp proform carb
tti headers
dynamic 9.5" converter
full automatic 904
8 3/4 rear with 391 gears..
26x9.5" tires

ran a best of 12.17 at 108.9MPH. with a little more tuning i'm sure it could have dipped into the 11's.





That cam's never been a favorite of mine, even when I ran DC/MP cams. It seemed to be more of a short track (roundy round), low gear ratio type cam and I never liked the look of it. Plus I coul run those numbers with similar mods and the 284/.484 or the .528 solid. It might be better with the better Magnum based heads but I still think there's better out there.
I ran that 292/509 cam for a bit.In a zero deck 360 with Eddies and Airgap.C/R was 10.7.I used an A-833 and a GearVendors and 4.30s. I found it too soft on the bottom for a street car. It was gangbusters from 5500 to 7200. But since most of my driving was 2500 to 4500, I ditched it. I measured it as 239*@.050. I even swapped to thinner headgaskets to put the c/r at 11.2. Still soft.Advanced it/ still soft.
-I then installed a Hughes 223* cam. That was a sweet cam.Had a ton of torque.I ran a Mopar O/D box behind it with the GV and 3.55s. 1500rpm at 85mph.Lost 4 lobes when they took the zinc out of the oil.I miss that cam, a bit.
-Next I put a Hughes 230* cam in.Took me most of the summer to find a decent amount of torque in the lower rpms, that I lost when the 223 cam died. It likes a ton of advance, very early.Its decent now.
-One thing I gotta say about the 2 Hughes cams I have experience with; They dont seem to fall off much at the top. At least not in the first 3 gears. I used to regularly take this 230 cam to 7200.Its semi-retired now, like me.That motor has got over 125,000 miles now.She doesnt get out as much as she used to.Its a bit hard on gas though.
- With an A/T, and for street, Id guess it would like at least a 2800 convertor. Maybe a bit more. But then the 440 makes a bunch of TQ, almost anyway you build it.I swapped a 2400 out for a 3200, for a guy with a 440GTX and that cam. It was a dog off the line with that 2400. He really likes the 3200. Its a streeter.
-I wouldnt recommend that cam for a SBstreeter.Maybe a weekend bomber. Unless maybe if you had a O/D box and can run some bigger gears, like at least 4.10s.Just my 2cents.
My brother in law threw one in his stock 8.5:1 72 340. Had the bottom end of a Yugo. I ended installing mag heads to get static closer to 9.2:1 and re degreeing the cam to 102* so it had a little bottom end. It was to big of a cam for his combo but we made it work
The purple cams seem to love more compression.

My 2 builds using the Purple 292/.509 in my E body 4spd with 4.10's and a 275/60/15 tire.

MP create 10-1 short block with a stock oil pump and pan. These short blocks came with the 292 cam. Added the following parts;

2.02 J heads stock ports/replacement valves.
TorkerII 360, Carter 750, Hooker Super Comps @ 1-3/4 tube into a 2-1/2 exhaust, Thrush Turbo mufflers. Viscous fan. Chrome box ignition.
Clutch was a MP unit, AKA Hays. Pinion snubbed & SS springs.

Est. @ low 13's, no actual track time. This is based on the next build below with tack times.

Short block;
360 with a zero deck height KB-107+.030 slug on stock con-rods. Standard oil pump in a stock pan, Edelbrock RPM AG intake, OOTB heads and a 750 carb. (All Edelbrock)
MSD ignition, Hooker Aero chamber mufflers, all else the same as above.

Track times were mid to low 12's.
1st run was a 12.7 and I wittled it down to 12.4.

Note the E body is a bit heavier than the A body. I have been to the track and asked all the A body owners what they were running. Of all the guys I talked to that ran the MP create 10-1 ratio 360 engine, there times were pretty good for what they were. A body Joe was right on. One fella with a well gutted but still all steel Duster was in the high 11's with a good feeling he could get to the mid 11's. I don't remember what sta and gear he was running. But it was like my 2nd engine above except the carb which was a modified Holley. Nothing fancy, just all biz. Single seat, cage, no carpet or rear seat.
Used one years ago not impressed what so ever...a LOT more cams out there much better..
I use one but its in a RB motor. When set to zero zero it was choppy idle, but like everyone said these cams love compression my old set up war a stock 440 with 9.5:1 and ran okay, wasn't until I upped my comp to almost 12:1 that it runs better, plus when you install it make sure you degree it in make sure the cam is set up properly.