Is it possible that all the affordable project cars are now taken?

Another tale. I traded a F body wagon I had NOTHING is for a 64 Belvedere running poly 318 car darn near rust free, 2-3 year ago. Solid car I had to replace the windshield and back glass, did all the body/paint, new tires and 2 TorqThrust, added carpet, new A100 style buckets, exhaust, tires. Nice driving car. I loved it but I wanted to get down to 2 keeper at my old age. First more door I have ever done ever. Advertised it everywhere for a good year at $3500-4000, had that in it, finally sold it to a guy 600=700 miles away for $2000 but I kept the new A100 seat and all the tires/wheels. He did the modern hemi conversion to it for a fun driver. More door. Hard sells in the Mopar world here.

F bodies are still plenty cheap and but hard to find a good solid project one here. Plenty in the rust belt and rusted looks like! Yes they are going up somewhat. Early A bodies can be found here as cheap projects needing everything, slant cars usually, But a guy needs to buy a project car he will love and enjoy spending the $ and time on it.

Over the decade since about mid 80s I have run the gauntlet of Mopars. Went from 70-1 E bodies, mosttly AAR, TA, 6 packs, 1 hemi to 68-70 B Bodies all flavors, early B bodies, then 71-4 B bodies, then mostly early A bodies and Dusters, then back to some early B bodies and my lastest is a 64 Comet and 66 Fiarlane! But the fords are cheap and plentiful and I like them too!
seems to me i see an occasional inexpensive project and a occasional decent priced driver quality. but it is definitely slowing down !
seems to me i see an occasional inexpensive project and a occasional decent priced driver quality. but it is definitely slowing down !
Here in Texas I am seeing slightly more better priced projects in general. Slightly. Maybe its the heat! The economy will eventually push the NON RARE models down I believe as the economy and interest rates play a role on the NON wealthy hobbiest. Rich people have no issue with inflation, unemployment, interest rates. The price of the MOST desirable models has always pushed up the price of the lesser models. I can always find lots of cheap 73-6 Duster projects here in Tx. but they are always even cheaper in
Ok Ar. Mo. Ms. La. but so much less desirable in general. But what was cheap 3,4,5 years ago is not that cheap today.

Back in the 90s I loved the 68-9 Roadrunner and Bees. But I had been used to buying a reasonably solid and complete 69 Runner for $1000-1500 in early nineties. Then by the late 90s came along and then they were priced at $3500 minimum. NO sire!!! NOT me! But I could occasionally find a good home built one for around $5500-6000 needing nothing! Bingo! We all know that a real 68-70 RR project is not common today, and rusted out, half parted out POS and they insist its worth $7500 and the same in a 68-70 Charger is what $10000 and UP! ha Problem is the supply of those projects in those models is dried up! Then they say look what that car brings on Mecum but they never figure in the labor and costs. Not talking about the guy that writes checks for the build. And that same Mecum car will be darn hard to sell out of your garage for that $.

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When I watch You Tube videos on "how to", the latest being "how to replace 1991 GMC 4.3 starter", I am reminded of how much rust is an issue out there.

Much respect to those that take on those projects.
seems like a fair deal by the looks of it in the pictures.. i'd love to have a 64 because thats my favorite but if i had the cash sitting here right now i'd definatley consider that thing.. probably 10 hours away too so that woudl take some figuring out for me.
There is A 64 ragtop 3 blocks from Penns landing. Slant push button. New int . Has about an inch of dust on it. Maybe you can convince him to sell it.
Recently saw a clapped out needed serious sheet metal, no engine or trans, 69 RoadRunner that auctioned at $25k
This one still available. Come with new quarters, rear valence, rebuilt driveline, recovered buckets, console, new Cragar S/S with T/A’s, rally’s and tons of extras. 9800.00. Runs off can. New tank removed while doing body work.

New top, exhaust, suspension. Yes. There are deals out there. If it was a snake it would have bit ya.
There's still deals out there just not as many and not as often but there are great deals out there just waiting to be discovered.

Not trying to argue or be mean but how much time and effort do you put into searching??
The other thing also is make an offer! You never know what the seller will say. It’s either yes or no. If he gets butt hurt oh fn well!
one huge, glaring problem is correlation. people see 383 road runners at near six digits so then they consider their 318 coronet to equate at near value.

the other side of that coin is the disconnect of what it actually takes to build a car. case in point of that ask of 25K on a clapped out roadrunner. sure that could go for high five figures, but you're going to put 30+ K to get there.

one other piece of the puzzle is understanding. yes, your 68 barracuda 318/2v AT is very nice, but it's not worth 340 S pricing; and a lot of people don't understand that apples to oranges comparison.

there are subtle, granular details most people just glaze over. but again, most people are trying to cash out and squeeze the maximum out of what they've got or invested and it's a simple case of not wanting to take a loss on what you put in, or being lazy or ignorant on what real world pricing is currently at.
I searched all over for a rust free 70 Dart In 2001 I flew to Reno and drove my 70 Dart to central Fl.

I paid $3500 for slant 6, KelseyHays with fresh paint that was er...ok job,

that burnt, smoked, leaked, and blew oil all over the underside, 27 quarts from Reno home. Replaced by a warmed over 360 magnum

Now 10k later, I have completely addressed EVERYTHING, is either new or rebuilt, remanufactured, down to rubber brakes hoses, and new stainless brake lines

Interior needs some work body work and paint which will put me at 20kwhen I'm done

Not charging for my own sweat
Yes you can do it for less, but to have something where EVERYTHING is addressed you are going to spend $$$$

My motivation, as turn key as possible, I've spent 40 yrs scrounging hopefully to find something I can recondition, or rebuild.

I'm finally at the point where I won't ever take in an everything rebuild any more.

I'm fortunate, I feel pretty good that the finished car would get pretty close to what I have in it.

Young kids that are passionate about cars are 50 ahead years of us oldsters, I know I just went on Medicare, thank God !!

I'll be passing the car to my son in a trust that he can't sell it, it has to stay in the family

My son wasn't interested in any way to bench race the building of the car, now that it's close to rolling it's. Different story.

Thanks for the rant,
CPT James
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I had an 03 Mach 1. Put a Procharger on it, then a Kenne Bell, and finally built the motor and ran a Whipple on it with 25+ lbs of boost. That was a fun car.
I got my license in 04, so it’s always been a dream car. Dual overhead cam, Aluminum engine, manual, transmission, shaker hood. The 16 year old Mopar maniac me was in love.
Inflation has screwed everything up. If you find a good buy then parts will kill you.
Early a’s and slant six Dusters going for $15k+, project cars in pieces for $10k. This hobby isn’t for regular people anymore. If I didn’t promise my wife, I’d go back to bikes.
You may not be looking into the right places.

Granted the days of 500 dollar Mopars are mostly gone, you can still get project cars under 3k if you look around. Sometimes running, some times not.
Did we ever get a budget and/or a want list from the OP?
You may not be looking into the right places.

Granted the days of 500 dollar Mopars are mostly gone, you can still get project cars under 3k if you look around. Sometimes running, some times not.
I’m in a new area so all I have is marketplace/Craigslist and word of mouth. But I’m keeping my eyes open to all the farms around me for treasure.
Values should always be about condition and or course what model it is.
Best to always buy a complete project car.
Always buy a project that lies within your circle of abilities. Or your close buddies.
Projects? If you are hunting in FM Marketplace lets say, find a car you would want that is no doubt priced stupid. Bookmark it and watch to see IF weeks later it is for sale OR let the add runs a week or so and ask IF he is negotiable to YOUR idea of a price IF you make the trip to look. Blow off the guys that have an attitude, can not be willing to supply requested info and pics and I stress have a friggin attitude. There are always more cars for sale than buyers.