Post 11 second small block combos

Got 2 for ya' first..'77 360 block bored 30 over and decked
stock stroke crank 10/10
eagle rods
speedpro rings/pistons 10.7 to 1 comp.
Lunati "voodoo" .533/.552 hyd. cam
Edelbrock 65cc heads mild port/polish
Comp cam roller rockers
Air gap intake port matched center milled
Quick fuel 850 carb
full msd ignition.. has run best 11.86@110....

Second one 416 stroker..'70 340 block 40 over decked/line honed
Mopar 4" cast crank
eagle rods
Diamond flat tops 11.9 to 1 comp.
same heads,cam,rockers,intake,carb, ignition as above motor...ran consistent 11.0's @121....
1985 360 block, bored .020 & squared.
KB107 pistons set @ zero deck / Speed Pro rings gapped per KB.
stock 340 rods (full floating pins) ARP bolts, resized
Stock crank grond @ R.010 / M.010 clevite77 bearings
Stock oil pump / Moroso oil pan, I run 7QTS total Valvoline racing oil 10W30.
Cam; Hughes solid #HTL5256AS Lift int 572 ex 579 dur. int 252 ex 256 @ .050
hughes lifters, springs, timing set & comp push rods.
Crane ductile rockers.
out of the box Edelebrocks closed chamber / ARP bolts / .039 Victor graphite head gskts.
Holley Strip Dominator intake, 750 DP holley carb
MSD6AL box, Taylor wires, & Mopar Performance Race electronic dist. set @ 32 degrees total
Hooker 1 3/4 headers.
shift point 6500RPM
Best Et 11.28 @ 117.8 MPH
125 shot, 10.80 @ 122mph. Blowing the tires off
64 Dart mild 10 to 1 408 stroker ,cast crank with '4 stroke ,eagle rods ,keith black pistons ,econo W2 (unported) heads ,Harland Sharp rockers ,wimp edelbrock .484 lift hyd cam ,Hedman fenderwells ,Msd ign ,victor intake ,750 Demon carb ,Holley blue pump ,adapted powergilde with 3,000 stall, 4.10 gears ,8.5 slicks ,stock 6 cylinder springs and no traction devices at the time.Should be faster now with the traction bars and weight reduction .My personal best is 11.48 at 113 mph ,shifting at 5800 (cam is completly out of wind at 5900)with a pitifull 1.63 60' foot braking at 2500 .Click on the link in my signature to see it run if you want ...
Running 415 SB 10.2 comp. 750 holley hp. comp cam .535 IN .555 EX. 8"COAN 4000 stall. Victor 340 intake. 904 pushbutton with reverse manual valve body. Usually runs 11.50 thru 2.5 mufflers. Jayson

1972 340 block
Work done: O-ringed, tubed for roller cam, oil gallies enlarged, bored to 4.07(.030 over) and honed with deck plates by Herb McCandless.

340 steel crank
Prepared by Lunati, stroked .110 to 3.42 stroke and balanced.

340 steel rods
Prepped by Lunati. Hand picked set. All are within .001 of each other in length. Bronze bushed, balanced and lightened.and shot peened.

340 X heads with 2.02 intake valves and 1.60 exhausts. Double springs for .700 lift cam, Maximum porting on intake and exhaust ports.Ports are 63cc combustion chambers. they flow abouy 260 cfm

Venolia lightweight forged pistons. Uses dykes top ring, 1/16 2nd ring and standard tension oil rings. Weight is 510 grams.11.3 comp

Holley Strip Dominator ported to match heads.the carb is a bigs 950 stage 5

Cam Motion roller 269 275 @ .050 and .631 lift with 1.5 rocker Valves set on .024 .028
RPM range 4500-7500. Cam is degreed in at 104 deg centerline.

Other Parts
High volume Melling oil pump, Comp Cams roller lifters, Crane 1.5 roller rockers(gold), Fluid Balancer, windage tray, Cloyes double roller timing set. SCE copper head gaskets(.060). Tall valve covers for use with roller rockers. Moroso 8 qt deep sump oil pan. Bronze cam gear for use with roller cams.i plan on shifting at hoping for low 11s.this is going in a 72 dart with a 727 trans, 4900 stal,8.75 rear with 4.88 gears
8)i think mine should be good for some 11's

30over 340 (345)
steel crank stock stroke
e=h beams with bme dome tops (11.5.1)
j heads mild port clean up 240/140 @500 2.02/1.60
with crane 1.5 rollers
comp cam 520/540 lift solid
x-cal intake with holley hp 950 no pv in the fr/6.5 pv bk with 86/88 jets
small tube headers 1 5/8 into 3" pipes out of flow masters
36 total time mp dist. locked out with atolite 64
727 rev. patt. 9.5 dynamic verta 5000 stall
4.57 gears with 27/10.5 m/t slicks
8 gal. fuel cell 1/2 line to front
1970 duster

best with 27/10.5 qtp street tire
7.54 @89.9 mph and 1.67 60'
should be a little faster now
water pump drive/new elec. cooling fan and 28/10.5 slicks

hope to find a 20 or 10 out of it soon
1975 Dodge Dart Sport
IHRA Stock J/Crate Motor
360/300hp Commando version.
* Stock stroke +.012"
* Eagle rods
* Flattop pistons (10.5-1 actual)
* Holley 750 double pumper
* Holley Strip Dominator
* Milodon 8 qt. oil pan
* Ishihara-Johnson crank scraper
* TTI 1 5/8-1 3/4" step headers w/3" x-pipes ending with dynomax Ultra Flo mufflers at the rear end housing.
* 587 heads 1.88" intake/1.60" exhaust (unported) approx. 65 cc chambers
* Comp Cams .474" lift cam with 1.5 rockers
* Mallory Hyfire 6al
* JW Transmissions 904 w/2.71 low gear
* JW Transmissions converter (flashes to 5,000+)
* 8 3/4" rear - 4.86 gears w/Moser spool & 35 spline axles
* 30"x9" lightweight Hoosier radials on Holeshot Penta Star wheels.
* SS springs & 6 cyl. torsion bars
* Amsoil synthetic lubricants front to rear.
* Sunoco Purple race fuel
* Race weight w/driver: 3,540+ lbs

Best to date:
1/4 mile - 11.312 @ 115.03mph
1/8 mile - 7.087 @ 94.20mph

2010 Palm Beach, FL.jpg
1971 Dart 360 .030
H beams rod, stock crank, SRP flattop pistons
Hughes 256/263 @.050 cam with 1.6 rockers
631/641 lift
Eddy Port Heads
Eddy Victor Intake
Holley HP 950
Mopar Distributor/MSD 6AL2
Hooker 5204 1 3/4 headers
904 trans with Tranzact Brake
Turbo Action 4400 series converter Flashes 5000+
8 3/4 with 4.56 spool (Probably needs 4.88..)
10 x 29 Hoosier Drag Slips
I think she shifts at 6500...

Best of 11.03 @ 121
Last Weekend 11.20 @ 118 carb needs more jet.

My Combo I was running in my 71 scamp,

360 eng stock stroke,
KB pistons 10,7 ,
eagles rods,
Edelbrock heads out of the box,
crane roller rockers,
Comp solid flat tappet 555 lift,
Digital 6 MSD box and dist,
Wiend dual tunnel Ram and 2# AFB comp sers carbs 500s .
Car #s 3000 lbs me in it,
4 spd with the 833 trans pro shifted by liberty.
4.88 gears, w 28 x 10.5 slicks.
Best run 11.50 @ 119 mph 1.60 60 foot, 1/8th 7.45 ,
Eng dynode at 407 hp and 401 fpt at rear wheels.

It was a great combo may have ran faster with single Carb set up but I loved my duals. I am now building a R3 59 deg block trying to get into the 9s with the stick car.

my 360 eng 410hp to the tires.JPG

my 360 eng 410hp to the tires.JPG
is your dart mini tubed and what springs are on your dart?10x29 is the tire size i wont to run. i need to know what i need to do to run them. thanks

It has full tubs in it, stock frame rails, ladder bars and coil over shocks.

the 8 3/4 has been narrow 2" on each side, there is plenty of room for bigger tires but i need to get rims with more backspacing, the center lines on the car have 4 7/8 ...really needs 5.5 or 6 BS to move tires in a bit....

if you minitub and move the springs and with the correct back spacing you should be able to get a 10 inch slick on your dart.
Guess it's finally my turn. First run off the trailer with new combo: 11.12 @ 118.6 and 7.02 @ 97 mph!! I'm still high!! I didn't get to make any other runs as I don't have a rollbar in my full interior street driven 68 Cuda notchback! I was totally blown away, but I knew that when I had to hold on to the steering wheel because it left so hard and pulled in 3rd on an Indy Headed 440 64 Dodge Candymatic clone I was in for a good run. I had people coming over scratching their heads, and to be frank, I was too! Dam this feels good!!!!!!:toothy10:

My combo:
68 Notchback Cuda, full interior, street driven
360 Magnum Block/408 Scat rotating assembly
Ryan J ported Eddie Magnum Heads(stg.2), milled to 57cc chambers
Port Matched M1 intake
Bullet Hyd. Roller .565 lift 256 duration @ .050
950 QF carb
4000 stall Ultimate conv.
998 auto
4.11 gears
275/60 Mickey Thompson Cheaters
I hope to be posting this in the 10 second combo section soon, but for now:

360 block, 410 ci, pump gas, 10.8:1 compression
Eagle 4.00 steel crank, Scat I-beams, Diamond pistons, total seal rings (file fit),
ARP main/head studs, Edelbrock heads stage II ported by Ryan J @ Shadydell,
Small solid roller 248/254 duration w/ .576/.582 lift, Airgap (soon to be replaced w/ Victor),
Proform 750 dp (soon to be replaced w/ 950 dp),
4.10 gears, spool, 35 spline axles, pinion snubber, drag shocks front and rear
727, manual valve body, 8” converter, 28x11.5 Hoosier QTP
3250 lbs, street trim and with 3 inch Flowmasters.

Current times in sig.
68 Dart, Bracket racer only

360 Mopar performance short block P487608. That has a cast crank, hyperutectic flat tops and forged rods. Removed the 508 hydraulic cam and installed a Mopar Performance mechanical 557/296 cam, degree'd and installed straight up at the 110 centerline.

W2 small chamber heads (55 or 58cc depends who you talk to) 2.02/1/60 valves with mild port job, crane 1.5 rockers for the W2, offset shaft, aluminum stands custom length pushrods, etc. to support the W2 head. Approx comp. of 11.5 to 1

Indy intake with a Demon 750 carb

Roadrunner (local shop) 4500 stall converter with a 727 foot brake trans.

8.75 rear with 4.57 gears, super stock springs, snubber, 29.5 X 9" MH drag radials. (less rollng resistance, great tire!)

Best of 11.13 at 118 with a 1.50 60'

Car is consistent as hell and virtually maintenance free. Just cool er' down between rounds and go mow em' down!:cheers:
1973 Dart Sport 340, 70 340, .040 over, TRW stock replacement forged pistons, stock crank, stock rods, 915 J heads, 2.02/1.60 home ported by myself, 296/557 MP solid cam, MP single plane, ProForm 750 DP, 727 w/ 2.77 low gear set, reverse manual valve body, Lupo 8" 5000 stall, 8 3/4" with 4.10's & spool. 28X9-15 MT ET Drag = 11.90 @ 110

360 .060 over kb 191 pistons.563 585 adv. lift 265 275 tappet lift @ .050 with a 106 seperation, m1, 750 proform, iron heads 915 ported, crane gold rockers with hooker headers thru a 727 3500 stall to 4.57s in the rear ran 11.20s in 71 dart with all trim but back seat and all glass and inner fenders intact.
This is my combo-
79 block 360
stock intake, rods, crank, pistons, heads, lifters, compression ratio, and carb
.460 ish lift cam
4800 stall converter
5.12 gear
30 x 9 drag radials
904 trans
3730 pounds with me in it.
best 1/4- 11.801 at 108.2
best 60'- 1.518

1972 duster, 340/240 hp. stock intake, heads, precise 3 angle valve grind, stock T.Q. carb, comp stocker cam, eagle rods, ross pistons, 8.5 cr, stock stroke crank, 273 rocker arms, headers, jerico trans, mcleod clutch, dana 60, 5.57 gears, toyo slicks, calverts, best 11.43 @ 116.45 , wgt 3365.
79 Aspen R/T. 3800 lbs race weight.

this is my combo,

3.46 stroke
13:1 comp
Bill Miller alum rods
630 lift solid roller
1.5 Mopar rockers
stock (no port work) w2's
pro dom tunnel ram 650 holleys

11.54 @ 119.5

4.30 Moser 60, cal tracs bars, mono springs, rancho shocks, 4500 TCS convertor.
This was my combo, here in Brazil
Dodge Dart 79
318 block
Intake Victor Junior 340
Stock heads, fully ported with 2,02 adm and 1,60 exhaust, 45 cc - 13:1 compression
Holley 750 alky
Lunatti solid cam, 308 X 318
Keith Black flat top 0,30 hipereutetic pistons
4,88 gear
4 speed manual
29X12 Hoosier slicks
2550 lbs with me
Best et: 11,9 at 119 mph
Best 60 feet: 1,5
Some upgrades:

360 block + 0,30 dome pistons
stock heads,fully ported with 2,02 X 1,60
Super Victor Junior intake
Demon 825 cfm alky carb

7.0 in 1/8, I'm thinking about 10,9 in 1/4 mile
What size of tire on the car?

79 Aspen R/T. 3800 lbs race weight.

this is my combo,

3.46 stroke
13:1 comp
Bill Miller alum rods
630 lift solid roller
1.5 Mopar rockers
stock (no port work) w2's
pro dom tunnel ram 650 holleys

11.54 @ 119.5

4.30 Moser 60, cal tracs bars, mono springs, rancho shocks, 4500 TCS convertor.
.030 360
Comp 292H Cam
Victor 340 intake
2.02 1.60 J heads
KB flat tops
750 DP Carb
3500 stall 727
4.31 gear with a 28.5x9 slick
Go to [ame=""]YouTube - Test and Tune pass 7.40's[/ame] to watch an 1/8th mile pass