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    Front Drum brake troubles on a 1964 Dart

    When you drove it, did the steering wheel shake or the whole car. Next drive, gently pull on the hand brake in the release position, so you can relax the emergency immediately, feel for shake. If it shakes then, it indicates the rear brakes bent Steering wheel shake, front brakes bent. It's not...
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    BAD MECHANICS - Thermostat and Radiator Fan Blade

    It's also important that slider functions in a manner that will not allow the throttle to jam open, so you have to shut it off to stop/idle.
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    Local auto parts stores often have "bubble packs" on a display with an assortment of grommets .
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    The 4 bolts bolts where the oil accumulates are known to wick oil up to pool on the intake. Remove and apply sealer/RightStuff to the bolt threads . As mentioned, those valve covers often are held away from the head by the intake manifold interference, and need some grinder attention to seal...
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    1965 A body 4 speed ball and trunion to Slip yoke ?

    I'll add there are 2 different diameter output shaft/housing, smaller/older, newer/bigger, and driveshaft yokes to match, so be aware.
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    1965 A body 4 speed ball and trunion to Slip yoke ?

    I picked up a used set, place an ad in "wanted", a member may be able to help, or Brewers/Passion. Good luck .
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    1965 A body 4 speed ball and trunion to Slip yoke ?

    An A-body tailshaft housing and tail shaft . Suitable driveshaft.
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    Radiator hose.

    It's also quite cost/time efficient to have bottom outlet moved to opposite side, and positioned/angled as nec .
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    Pilot shaft bushing not fitting inside 340 crank. Help ?

    The hole depth in the crank may not be deep enuff if it's not finished for a factory pilot bushing, and the trans imput shaft will need to be trimmed to avoid burning out the engine thrust bearing . There's lotsa threads on it, perhaps do a search .
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    Have you lifted the engine ? Had to ask, one fella pounded the top tube flat trying to get it in from the top. They go in from the bottom .
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    Lean out and miss fire

    Longer Accel pump stroke, perhaps change position of, (second screw hole) or alternate pump cam .
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    engine fitment

    This may help to make you feel better, cheers
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    A-body 1963-1964 Pushbutton shifter….Plymouth and Dodge the same?

    I messed changing button assemblies putting torqueflite buttons where powerflite 2 speeds in a 56 . The mechanisms interchanged, as did the buttons , But limited experience . The odds are very good they will interchange, buttons just pull off, - except neutral, caution. (thnx Mark) Don't try to...
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    Narrow A Body 360 Oil Pan

    Engine Mounts could be soft/bad. .
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    The sellability of our early “A” body cars

    If you go to the Mecum site, you can login, and get a list of previous specific cars, and sale price. There are 54 ? Darts listed. Consider sending it there if it's as beautiful as it looks. GLWS
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    The sellability of our early “A” body cars

    OP - I'd like to remind you to look at yourself in the rear view mirror the next time you drive that beauty . If you're like me, - you'll have a giant ****-faced grin all the time you're behind the wheel ! ! That'll be aweful tough to replace with any other modern vehicle ! ! Cheers .
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    The sellability of our early “A” body cars

    Seriously awesome car ! ! GLWS .
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    The sellability of our early “A” body cars

    If you don't have enuff regrets, - sell it . I still have my 69, lotsa regrets, - but not that one ! !
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    Headers, TTI or Doug’s?

    I just walked down and looked at the Doug's on my car installed 2000ish and my son's installed 2005ish, both are slightly duller than when installed (Ceramic). No protectant . The TTI owners were pretty quick to mention the rust, no mention at all from Doug's, I regularly service these vehicles...
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    Headers, TTI or Doug’s?

    I was a TTI distributor that quit recommending and installing them 2005ish cuz of the rust issues, Google it. Doug's, - no issues in over a dozen sets over many years .
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    Kelsey-Hayes replacement

    It's not uncommon to need new wheels/tires when changing to Wilwoods . Lotta upset folks when they go to put the wheels back on . Good luck .
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    904 Shift cable removal

    Removing neutral switch is how I accessed the removal spring .
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    62 lancer pedal assy rebuild

    That may have the HD caged bearings in it . Brewer's Performance - Mopar A833 4-Speed Transmission and Component Specialists
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    Question On A Body LCAs, 63-72

    It's 3 - 4 inch piece of rectangular tube, sawed diagonally, -$5.00 !
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    Question On A Body LCAs, 63-72

    Fab the tabs .
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    Detonation/ p r e ignition

    A very good read. Helped cure a problem I fought for years . Good Luck ! Engine Basics: Detonation and Pre-Ignition by Allen W. Cline
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    1966 valiant rear brake shoe removal?

    QUOTE="pishta, post: 1973667007, member: 383"]Its been forever....dont you just push in the spring cup and turn the tang 90 so it slides out the slot? Should release the brakes from the backing plate. That's a later version .
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    1966 valiant rear brake shoe removal?

    I added a pic link above. Not hard once you figure it out . An old screwdriver and a grinder will make a tool real quick . Good luck .
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    1966 valiant rear brake shoe removal?

    There is a tool that fits in the hold-down spring, to make things easy, but the right sized blade screwdriver can work . Here's a pic of the spring 1965 Plymouth Valiant Brake Hold Down Spring | TheWrenchMonkey Auto Parts Canada Pic of tool . K-D TOOLS 297 BRAKE SHOE RETAINING SPRING TOOL . |...
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    1972 receipt I found

    I have a few blue forms in my glove box !