Stop in for a cup of coffee

So cleaning out some storage space of mine, found this in a tote of my wife’s fabric. I got this in 2007… 15 yards worth… I think it’s time I make my wife turn it into something useable


Morning gang and a good Friday for the working class here today.
My two-day golf tournament begins today 27 holes each day. For those who know that's a lot of golf.
With your entry fee they feed you twice each day and all alcohol is free yes, I said free.
If you don't drink enough during your round today, they have a social hour and dinner this evening after we're done. Saturday is a repeat.
Luckily neither my buddy or I can drink and play golf well, so we'll wait until we're done for any refreshments.
Every year though it happens some drunk will wreck a golf cart or be so drunk they can't hit a golf ball. No fun in my book.
Morning guys looks like a hot day here in Pittsburgh but coffee is good and a cool morning.
High of 59 but sunny today, I'll take it. Wife just informed me the weeds choked out her gooseberry bush, add another to do to the list. Working on lawn tractor today.
Weather God's look at their calendar...yep 1st of June hit the summer heat switch...yug!!