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    Say a prayer

    My condolences, Scott. Really sorry for your loss
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    R.I.P. to my sister in law. F*** cancer.

    My condolences to you, and your family .
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    Need prayers my dad

    prayers sent
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    My little friend Marti, gone

    Rest in peace, little one....
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    Goodbye, Sarah

    So very sorry for your loss!
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    Tired of ridiculous shipping charges.......

    I just bought a item off ebay, The part is comming from Toronto Ontario, (southern Ont)I live in Thunder bay, which is northwestern Ontario, (1000 miles apart). The item is trim and needs to go in a pcv oversize container, Belive it or not it was cheaper to send it thru the states and for me...
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    Tears in Calgary

    Prayers are sent
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    Dad passed early this morning

    Sorry for your loss, I lost mine last Oct, and his birthday was June 15, God Bless.
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    my niece

    Prayers for your niece and all your family.
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    Moving on to another new job.

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    Prayers Needed

    prayers sent...
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    3.5 swap?

    I am a dodge tech also, we are having lots of problems with the 3.5 heads also.In the2011-2012 its #5 cylinder with the valve seats burning, Carbon damage! Heads are also are short supply. The only real problem we are having on 3.6 are the cam fazers are failing, only one so far with valve ussue.
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    in car 10 second run

    wow, very nice,
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    Average age of Mopar Maniacs.

    I am 43, had a few mopars back when i was 17-21, bought my duster in 93, did a complete redo on it and slowly turned it into what it is now.
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    another new guy from Canada

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    Hood release cable

    I have a nos one still in the package if you are intrested? Thanks Harry
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    Need some prayers.

    My deepest condolences to you and your family. Take care...
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    Need some prayers.

    Sorry to read this Scott. more prayers sent for your family....
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    Need some prayers.

    Prayers sent.
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    2003 Dodge 2500 2wd parts..

    If you decide to part it out, i could use a few interior items. thanks Harry
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    A friend of ours daughter passed away

    Prayers, condolences , RIP.
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    Loss of a mother....

    Sorry for your loss. Mothers are very special.
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    RIP Mom!

    My condolences to you and your family, prayers sent..
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    Im a dad again!

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    Big Blocks In Western Canada???

    I have a couple 440s, one or two 727 bb trans, some misc big block stuff, I am in the the middle of Canada, Thunder Bay, On.Pm me....
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    ................New job..........

    Congrats on the job, perks are very nice also!