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    Justin Figgatt...Actual Investigation is Underway by Police...Need Victims Info

    I was not involved but I thank you for standing up and offering to travel and appear in court. I for one would be happy to help you out if it comes to that. Keep us posted and I am sure others here would contribute to your personal cost of the court proceedings. Brothers in arms unite! Pete
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    Anyone know about Wood Foundations?

    Run.... They rot, the bugs eat them, insurance won't cover your home if they find out. Trouble all around I say. Pete
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    slow cooker recipes

    Hey I filled one with apple slices and added in a cup of brown sugar, cinnamon, lemon juice and topped it with Oatmeal, top the oatmeal with frozen butter (shaved or shredded). We went fishing and when we got back for dinner it was ready.:cheers:
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    Thanks USA

    Thanks guys! Classy and inspiring!
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    Gunman at Canadian Parliament

    Hey Guys I read this thread and just feel for the loss of life and the family left behind after this tragedy. I am not sure we can point to one single cause for terrorism but it is escalating worldwide and every hair-brained faction that fails at advancing it's agenda politically is switching...
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    Tick tock....

    You are gonna love being Grampa. We have two and they are great. Pete
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    East bound n down!! Bye bye and thanks Saskatchewan!!

    Hey Steve Great news, hope it all works out for you. Got an offer letter myself. Probably gonna sign it tomorrow. Pete
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    Are they gonna slip up.....

    I am hopeful a "cure" can be found. Although, as posted earlier in this thread, there are many forms of cancer and there is unlikely to be one cure for all forms. My wife is a two-time survivor, my best friend is a survivor, I lost my father and my mother (indirectly). I believe economics...
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    Dad passed away

    Hey Steve Sorry to hear of your loss. I remember meeting your Dad at Moparfest and the fun we had in the hotel parking lot. Keep those good memories, and your family close to your heart. Best wishes and thoughts, Pete & Sue
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    Passed my exams!

    Hey Good on ya for taking the initiative. That alone says a lot on a resume. Also your e-mail is full. I was in Saskatchewan all last week and I sent you a note but got an error. I posted a thread but you missed it. Maybe next time. Pete
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    Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian members

    Hey All you Ontario members The weather looks like it will be great. Lots of cars expected at the Norwood Fair Car Show. Usually hundreds show when the weather is good. Saturday noon to ? Come walk the show in the sun and see the cars before they are all put away. Bring the kids to the...
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    What Did You Get To Do Growing Up That Your Kids Will Never Be Able To?

    Cops would confiscate our booze (underage drinking) and tell us to go home. more to come...
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    What are your favourite cover songs?

    Johnny Cash - Rusty Cage - YouTube
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    Sh*t day

    Hey Steve I guess you are at the new job? Goin' OK? Pete
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    Heading to Saskatchewan!

    Hey Steve Great news! Best Wishes and stay in touch Pete
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    Favorite smells

    The smell of the 5.5 Evinrude when started up in the early morning goin fishin' Or A 125/250 dirt bike or the old KAWASAKI triples Or A chainsaw mixed with fresh cut wood/sawdust.
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    Clever Business Names

    Ho Lee Chow
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    Jonesing for a Motorcycle Ride

    Greatest Show On Earth ★HD★320kmh200mph✔ . Street Race 'ISLE of MAN' TT - YouTube
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    never understood this

    That's too funny. Quote "bring cash now or I may just crush the it!!" translates in to "Hey, give me money or I'll shoot myself in the foot". I say go for it! BUT Please let us know so we can come and laugh at you as you throw away your $20,000.00 :sign5:
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    2012 Isle of ManTT..206 mph

    Man would I love to go see that race. Love superbikes!
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    My Employer sucks!

    Been there, man. It best to bide your time and have a good memory. karma works! I have left jobs over these types of issues and I have also stuck around and looked for work while enduring the abuse. In my experience it is much smarter to find something better and move on than to react in an...
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    Let's be honest about the holiday season

    I have always been a Grinch at Christmas because of the way our consumer society has turned it into a Retailers Selling Frenzy! I have to admit now that we have two granddaughters we do enjoy seeing them open and play with their gifts. My wife and I always buy gifts that are essentials in...
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    She's Killin Me Here ... Could Use Some Tips on Living With the Elderly

    Hi Leanna My Mom outlived my Dad for a while and while she never lived with us she did exhibit some similar symptoms. Assuming she is not medically infirm, I can tell you that older folks need purpose as much as anyone and if you can ask her for help and she accepts responsibility for...
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    What was your first concert ?

    At Varsity Stadium in Toronto in 1972 or 73. Leon Russell opened for them. Trippy but fun
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    Ouch...sticks out like a sore thumb.

    Hi All Done this a number of times through misadventure, hammers, pinch bars, etc... Best way is to heat up a small needle in a pair of vice grips and let it burn through the nail. The needle goes in easy (almost no pressure) and the blood cools the needle when it hits. Never really pushed it...
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    Gas price rant, (what are you paying)???

    Your fuel is super cheap. Fuel was $1.249 a litre today after the long weekend. Thats $ 4.96 a gallon for our US friends
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    Need a FABO car inspector

    Hi All I need someone to look at a car for me in 68701. I will pay your fuel and time if you are not more than a couple hours away. Anyone?
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    Need a FABO car inspector

    Hi Looking at the car on here that is in Nebraska. Any members willing to go look at it for me? Tons of good Karma + I will contribute to costs I have asked for the zip code to narrow down the location. Anyone out ther in the midwest? PM me for location Pete
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    FABO Transportation Network Available

    Roller, no engine, trans Anyone?
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    Pete from Peterborough, Ont What number am I?