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  1. Inertia

    Hi there I m new to the forum Michel is the name and I m from the Netherlands Restoring a Dodge Dart 1965

    Welcome Michel. Pix are always welcome, nice car. You may find a lot of info doing a search in a specific section, or post up a pic of the plug you have, and see if a member can help you out. Lotta friendly, knowledgeable folk here.
  2. Inertia

    Not sure how this will go

    Hi, welcome to the site . Hotrods and Jensens are cool. Lotta helpful, knowledgeable folks here, eager to help, pix mandatory, lol Search functions well, and questions welcome . Cheers
  3. Inertia


    Welcome to the site. That question was just gone over in the last week or so, so perhaps browse or "search" the electrical section. I'll try to find a link. Cheers
  4. Inertia

    Hello from England. Anyone recognise my '71 Dart?

    Very nice . Bet that moustang gets tired of looking at your tailites ! lol Cheers
  5. Inertia

    Howdy hello - First time grease monkey, first mopar and happy to be here!

    Welcome, lotsa knowledgeable, friendly folks here . The search function will find most things, if you can't find it, ask away in the appropriate thread. Nice ride . Cheers
  6. Inertia


    The Doug's 450s are for the early a-bodies, 453 fit 67- later a-bodies. They are often offered at 20% discount at AutoZone, free shipping, other retailers are known to price match. Cheers
  7. Inertia

    Need some opinions

    Very awesome . Congrats ! !
  8. Inertia

    Hello from over the pond

    Welcome, nice work, a true hot-rodder . There are a ton of knowledgeable folks here, covering just about, if not everything Dart, and Mopar in general . A lot of info is easily "searched", if you can't find it there, ask away . Cheers .
  9. Inertia

    73 Valiant Intermittent Headlight Issue

    Have a good look at the dimmer switch/plug on the floor. They take a lotta abuse and debris/water .
  10. Inertia

    A swiss Valiant Guy

    Welcome to the site, lotsa knowledgeable helpful folks here. Most things have been covered, and a quick search will likely find several answers, if not, ask away ! Cheers !
  11. Inertia


    Wasn't sure if Vanisle was some place in Calif, or here in B.C. I gotta lotta parts when you get building, cheers .
  12. Inertia


    Where are you looking ?
  13. Inertia

    New Member from the Canadian Wet Coast

    Welcome to the site.. If you need a hand figuring out what's wrong with that motor, send me a PM with your phone #, and we can set up a time.. cheers..
  14. Inertia

    New to the forum.

    Welcome,, there's a lotta knowledgeable folks here to offer support. If you need parts, info, specialty tools, or help,, PM me.. cheers
  15. Inertia

    A long time coming

    Gordie,, it was a pleasure helping you both,, smiles on both sides of the deal is a reward in itself.. Here's some pix of Gordie's new car, 408 stroker, 4-speed.. Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of Gordie's grin... lol .....
  16. Inertia

    74 Dart Sport 360 headers

    It is Monday isn't it .. lol Hi,, Welcome to the site,, here's a link that should answer mosta your questions,, and just cruise thru the "Exhaust Forum",, it's a commonly asked question .. cheers,, enjoy the site
  17. Inertia

    hello from Vancouver Island

    Welcome,, from Victoria, - you'll find a ton of knowledge and experience here.. In the forums section, you'll find a "search" button in each forum,, to help zero in on specifics.. If you can't find something,, ask away, and you'll get all kinds of responses,, cheers,, enjoy the site...
  18. Inertia

    Glad to be here.

    Welcome to the site,, lookin forward to pics..
  19. Inertia


    Welcome Brandon,, you'll find lotsa friendly knowledgeable folks here,,
  20. Inertia


    Welcome Dave, Nice car ! ! You'll find great people, fantastic pics, and a wealth of knowledge here... enjoy
  21. Inertia

    Wow!! What a site, lucky me finding it...

    thnx very much Mike, got a PM in already, waiting for a reply..
  22. Inertia

    Wow!! What a site, lucky me finding it...

    Hey Darwin niiice, very nice cars.. twins.. thnx Greg .. you guys got to get together on hubcaps.. lol looking forward to Francelli's, and summer. Anyone got a 69 340 flywheel, and exhaust manifolds please..
  23. Inertia


    Welcome,, this is a great place to learn .. great pix
  24. Inertia

    Hello there, good to be here !!!

    Nice Car ! ! Welcome to FABO.. You got the right guy workin on trans .. Peter Wille, and Victoria Automatic do ace work. Wille family owned Chryco Dealerships and trans shop for 50 yrs.. And Peter has built many really quik cars.. Do you know if he has thread here, cuz he should have some...
  25. Inertia

    Wow!! What a site, lucky me finding it...

    Thnx Leanna, they're old Edelbrocks, and if I blow the dust of em, they may be okay.. But when I get to the Met, I'll be giving you a call.. I'm really starting to look forward to retirement..
  26. Inertia

    Wow!! What a site, lucky me finding it...

    Thnx 69340 and 4spdragtop .. Had to wait another 30 years for Mopar to bring out another good shade of blue. Here's my winter vehicle, summer vehicle, Rec. vehicle, and my Metropolitan
  27. Inertia

    Wow!! What a site, lucky me finding it...

    Right on.. so cool.. thnx much.. I'll post a pix of mine in a bit ...
  28. Inertia

    Wow!! What a site, lucky me finding it...

    Here are some current pix of my poor, sad car sitting in the corner of our barn..Hasn't been on the road since hmmm. 02 maybe.. before that 95/96maybe.. I'm REALLY feeling guilty lookin at it,.. gonna hafta get on it for the summer.. first pix is with a 100 spoker in front of real wheel..may...
  29. Inertia

    Wow!! What a site, lucky me finding it...

    Hey 70Dart... No haven't been to Port, but hear you got a great strip.. The last time my Dart was at the strip was 2006 while I was sponsoring the High School Drag team, before that was a place called Van Isle Raceway, just north of MillBay, back in the late 60's early 70's,, and at Mission...
  30. Inertia

    Wow!! What a site, lucky me finding it...

    how do I post a (TIF) image???